June 23, 2022

Adamson Barbecue is officially closing its doors until further notice, and it is due to Ontario’s vaccine certificates that are coming into effect on September 22. The vaccine certificates will require Ontarians to provide proof of their fully vaccinated status in order to enter certain establishments, including restaurants.

On September 13, Adamson Barbecue announced that it’ll be having its “last chance” barbecue this weekend on September 17 and 18.

“I’m in a bit of a pickle. Vaxxpass comes into effect September 22,” Adam Skelly, the restaurant owner, wrote in the IG post. “I can’t, in good conscience, comply with these orders.”

In a statement sent to Narcity on Instagram, Skelly said that he couldn’t — again, in good conscience — ask for the immunization status of his customers before allowing them to eat inside his restaurant.

“I would protest these measures, but I’m bound by bail conditions (50k bond) and a court order preventing me from violating the ROA,” he continued. “The ‘rona is a hoax perpetuated by the ruling class/global elite. While there is a bit of truth scattered throughout the narrative, it’s crystal clear that the statistics are being manipulated to instill fear in the general public so they accept the erosion of their personal liberties.”

Over the course of the pandemic, Skelly has avidly spoken out against Ontario’s lockdowns and defied the City’s orders in hosting indoor dining services. Adamson BBQ has been backed by loyal supporters, who started up a GoFundMe last year to help with Skelly’s legal fees. The fundraiser currently stands at nearly $350K in donations.

“I’ve been adapting my businesses to serve you better for eight years. It’s been a blast,” Skelly’s Instagram post further read. “Today’s necessary adaptation to keep the show going is to kneel to tyrants. No can do.”

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