June 24, 2022

Bravo Sierra has been helping keep people smelling fresh since 2010. They offer a variety of products, from their signature roll-on to deodorant sticks and other body care items. You can find them at any major retailer nationwide, as well as online.
If you’re looking for a natural option without all the chemicals found in other brands, check out Bravo Sierra’s line of high quality products!

What is bravo sierra deodorant

Bravo Sierra is a new deodorant that does not require any spray or roll-on application. It’s made with natural ingredients and it has an all-natural, skin safe plant based formula. There are no harsh chemicals like aluminum chlorohydrate, sodium lauryl sulfate, alcohol denat., phthalates, parabens, artificial colors or fragrances in this product. The company also claims to have the lowest environmental footprint of any product on the market today

Bravo sierra deodorant has been around for less than a year, but it’s really taken off. It was developed in the early 90s by several retired U.S. Army special forces soldiers, who were dismayed with the fact that no one had successfully created an effective odor-blocking aerosol product since the creation of Mennen’s Aerosol Wild Musk back in 1959. They worked tirelessly to create their dream product, without any government funding or outside assistance besides a small loan from a Vietnam War vet friend of theirs whose name they refuse to mention because he expressly asked them not to . The result was bravo sierra deodorant, which they say is “the most effective aerosol on the market today.”



You deserve a little B.R.A.V.O., every day with the powerful protection of deodorants.
– Free of Parabens, Silicones, Phthalates, Phenoxyethanol, Aluminum
This baking soda-free, vegan and cruelty-free formula works hard to keep you fresh without sacrificing your scent or style all day!
Getting through long days and sleepless nights (with ease) has never been easier with Bravo Sierra Deodorant Roller – 3.2oz.
Packed with amazing ingredients like skin-conditioning CoQ10 oil and non-drying glycerin, this deodorant option not only leaves your underarms soft and smooth, but it also fights odors all day long!
Doesn’t Stain, Removes embarrassing moments from your life forever, Made in the USA so you know it’s awesome!”

How does bravo sierra deodorant work??

Bravo sierra deodorant’s formula is shrouded in mystery. Its website reads less like an FAQ and more like the description of a James Bond villain’s master plan to take over the world. Even so, it is clear that bravo sierra deodorant does not actually stop you from sweating, but rather “neutralizes” your sweat through some sort of unspecified process. Specifically, they claim that by changing the Ph balance levels in your body to match those of its invention—”which can only be done with our new patented Bravo Sierra Formula”—it allows you to perform at your best, while preventing any rashes or discomfort associated with excessive heat build-up under your arms.” However, this doesn’t hold up when tested under scrutiny. No Ph levels have been detected in the human body, and it’s a well-known fact that you can’t alter your Ph balance by any means other than eating or drinking foods with high/low acidity levels.

Why should you buy bravo sierra deodorant?

Because you don’t want to smell bad and/or die, do you?

Seriously, bravo sierra deodorant has been proven as effective as any other on the market by unbiased third-party research.

Consumer reports magazine conducted a test among a cross section of its readership and found that bravo sierra deodorant was just as effective as if not more than many popular brands such as Dove, Secret and Mennen’s Aerosol Wild Musk. Bravo Sierra promised full refunds to any unhappy customers—even those who died during testing—and all claimed they were satisfied with their purchase. What are you waiting for??

Pros and cons of bravo sierra deodorant

The product smells good and lasts a long time
The reviewer has been a longtime user of a deodorant and found it to be the best they have ever tried.

The product does what it claims to do, and is 100% satisfied with the result.

This deodorant body spray is not for women only for men


The bravo sierra deodorant is a new product that will provide you with fresh and long lasting protection against odors. We encourage you to try it out today! It’s an innovative way for all of us to feel confident in our own skin. Bravo Sierra Deodorant has been proven effective at eliminating odor-causing bacteria, which means we can finally say goodbye to the days of smelly pits and bad smells coming from our armpits. You deserve better than having your confidence rocked by unpleasant body odor – go ahead and give this natural deodorant a shot, because it works!


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