June 26, 2022

China Launches First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

China launched its third aircraft carrier on Friday, the first ship of this type that was designed and built completely in the country.

New generation aircraft carrier 003 baptized Fujian left his dry dock in a shipyard in Shanghai in the morning and tied on a nearby dock, according to state media reports.

The CCTV state station showed the assembly staff under the mass ship when the water jets sprinkled on its cover, the multicolored serpentines flew, and a colorful smoke was released.

The launch occurs when China seeks to extend the rank and power of its Navy.

Equipped with the latest armament and airplane technology, it is believed that the ship’s capabilities rival those of Western carriers since Beijing seeks to convert its Navy, which is either the largest in the world, into a multiparrier force.

Source: AP News

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China Launches First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier

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