Costco Stock Forecast: Prices falls, Is a split likely?

Costco Stock Forecast: Prices falls, Is a split likely?

Costco Stock Forecast: The stock is expected to trade between $508.8 and $519.6. The overall recommendation is Buy.

july 27th

Costco Stock Forecast: Latest Price

Costco Stock Forecast: Performance Chart

Stock Name 5 Days 1 Month 6 Months 1 Year
Costco -1.79% +6.26% +6.10% +20.64%

Costco Stock Forecast: Dividend

On 13th July, it was announced that Costco will pay the quarterly dividend on 12th August, 2022 at 90 cents per share. The last date to be shareholders on record to avail this is 29th July, 2022. The dividend yield is 0.7%.

04/28/2022 CASH $0.9 04/13/2022 04/29/2022 05/13/2022
03/03/2022 CASH $0.8 01/20/2022 02/04/2022 02/18/2022
10/28/2021 CASH $0.8 10/13/2021 10/29/2021 11/12/2021
07/29/2021 CASH $0.8 07/13/2021 07/30/2021 08/13/2021
04/29/2021 CASH $0.8 04/14/2021 04/30/2021 05/14/2021
02/04/2021 CASH $0.7 01/21/2021 02/05/2021 02/19/2021

Costco Stock Forecast: Latest Tweet

Costco Stock Forecast: Today’s Outlook

Indicator Trend
Overall Outlook Marginally Positive
1. Market Data Positive
1a. Market Cap Lower
1b. Technical Buy
1c. Trading Volume Higher
2. Crowd’s Wisdom Neutral
2a. Google Search Volume Lower
2b. Social Media Sentiment Higher

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Costco Stock Forecast: Latest News

  • On Thursday, Costco was being sold at $513.3 per share hence, having crossed their 200-day moving average of $512.62.
  • Costco was mentioned on CNBC by Tom Lydon; He says that it remained full even during inflation implying that its hot dog and soda deal will remain unaffected in the current economy.
  • On Thursday, Costco topped the list of Nasdaq’s 100 index for best-performing components.
  • During June, in five weeks, Costco saw its sales rise by 21.5% YoY. Due to inflation, more customers are relying on Costco’s discounts to meet their needs. The sales reached $22.8 Billion. This was after an increase of 16.9% in May and 13.9% in April.

Costco Stock Forecast: Latest Video

YouTube video

Costco Stock Forecast: Stock Split

Costco prices are rising and today it is trading as high as $511.9 and investors are eyeing a potential stock split. A split would make Costco stock more affordable to investors and the companies which are as successful as Costco have their splits received with great enthusiasm from investors. During inflation, people have been relying more on Costco for their daily food requirements so, a stock split will not slow it down.

Costco Stock Forecast: Google Trends

The search volume for Costco stock is lower compared to yesterday.

Costco Stock Forecast: Technical Analysis

Costco Stock Forecast: Social media sentiments

7 Days 24 Hours Trends
Net Sentiments +2.8% +16.3% Higher

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Costco Stock Forecast

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