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You’re a gamer, and you love playing games. But which game won the Game of the Year award? What was this year’s best video game?

The answer to that question is simple – Did dark souls 3 win the game of the year! This masterpiece of a game is what every gamer has been waiting for. It combines all the elements from previous titles into one seamless experience. It even sets new standards for graphics and gameplay mechanics, making it the most immersive gaming experience ever created. If you haven’t played Dark Souls 3 yet, then read on to find out why you should be playing it right now!

In short, if you want a great gaming experience that will keep you up at night with excitement or leave your jaw hanging open in disbelief – Dark Souls 3 is your only choice! Get ready to play through an epic adventure as soon as possible by clicking here now.

Why did Dark Souls 3 win The Game of the Year Award?

Why did Dark Souls 3 win Game of the Year Award?
Why did Dark Souls 3 win Game of the Year Award?

The Game Awards is an annual awards ceremony honoring achievements in the video game industry. It was established in 2011 by journalist and television presenter Geoff Keighley. Unlike other awards, such as the Academy of Arts and Sciences’ Oscars and Golden Globes, The Game Awards has no general voting process; “Instead we’ve decided to welcome gamers into our process by allowing nominations for all eligible games on popular gamer vote.” The ceremony is streamed live on Twitch, YouTube, , Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Facebook.

Dark Souls 3 from from Software and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment was released in Japan on March 2016, followed by worldwide release on April 2016. Dark Souls 3 is a third-person action role-playing game set in a dark fantasy universe where players assume the role of a warrior battling to save the world from darkness as he/she crisscrosses through a devastated world filled with death and misery.

The Game Awards winner for Best Game Direction went to Dark Souls 3 Directors Hidetaka Miyazaki

Miyazaki’s approach towards developing the game is similar to how he created Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls 1. He put his focus on creating a deep sense of satisfaction in every aspect so players would feel satisfied after overcoming their fear and progressing through tough obstacles. The world design sets a feeling of contemplation which strengthens player curiosity and leads them into dark corners that they normally wouldn’t go into. With this formula, Miyazaki successfully creates an irresistible charm that made gamers return again and again to the game.

Dark Souls 3 has proven on their success thanks to Miyazaki’s approach towards developing the game, there are many elements that contribute to its excellence; clear and concise lore, atmospheric opening scene, fast-paced combat mechanics, impressive boss battles all leading up to a finale which is among one of the best in gaming history. The sheer amount of detail in both visuals and controls shows how much care was put into the production process. It truly feels like a complete package with no rough edges or glitches.

Dark Souls 3 won Game of the Year Award at The Game Awards 2016 in Los Angeles, California on December 1st , 2016 . It has been an intense year full of brilliant games worthy of recognition; from the majestic The Witcher 3, to the gritty Doom , to the sensational Uncharted 4 . In a year that has been very difficult to judge thanks to such a wide variety of quality games, Dark Souls 3 nevertheless succeeded.

The full list of winners at The Game of the Year Award 2016

The full list of winners at The Game of the Year Award 2016
The full list of winners at The Game of the Year Award 2016

Best Game Direction – Dark Souls 3 ( Hidetaka Miyazaki )

Best Narrative – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Tomasz Sapkowski / Marcin Blacha / Konrad Tomaszkiewicz)

Best Art Direction – Ori and the blind forest (Thomas Mahler)

Best Music/Sound Design – Doom (Mick Gordon)

Games for Impact Award – Life is Strange ( Michel Koch , Raoul Barbet )

Innovation Award – Inside (Playdead)

Best Performance– Viva Seifert – Her Story Best Role Playing Game – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( Konrad Tomaszkiewicz , Mateusz Kanik, John Mamais )

Best Action/Adventure Game – Dishonored 2 (Sebastien Mitton, Jean-Philipe Jacques, Alexandre Picard)

Best Action Game – Doom (Mick Gordon)

Best RPG – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt ( Konrad Tomaszkiewicz , Mateusz Kanik, John Mamais )

Best Fighting Game – Street Fighter V ( Yoshinori Ono , Koji Nakajima)

Best Family Game – Pokemon Go (John Hanke)

Most Anticipated Game – The Last Of Us Part II (Neil Druckmann)

Best Independent Game – Inside (Playdead )

How does Dark Souls 3 compare to other games that won this award in past years ?

Uncharted 4 won in 2016, Tomb Raider reboot in 2013, The Last of Us in 2014. All three games are no doubt impressive with their critical success and universal acclaims. However, Dark Souls 3 is on another level when you compare the amount of content it holds to Uncharted 4 , or its battle system to Tomb Raider . While each game have their own unique features that makes them stand out from one another, nothing so far can match up to the complexity of Dark Souls 3 gameplay mechanics. It’s truly a masterpiece by From Software through Hidetaka Miyazaki who has defined what hardcore gaming is about.

While The Witcher 3 was an amazing game itself for what it offers, but if we were talking purely about Gameplay mechanics and Controls, Dark Souls 3 takes the top spot considering how much work it must have taken to create such a flawless set of controls and smooth gameplay.

Who was on the panel of judges for giving out this award ?

This award is given out by a panel of judges which consisted of media outlets, game developers and industry professionals. This list includes:

Brian Altano, IGN host/producer

Philip Kollar, Polygon reviews editor

Yusuke Amano, Sony Japan Studio producer

Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Worldwide Studios America

Sebastian Castellanos, The Evil Within executive producer at Tango Gameworks

LeSean Thomas, Two-time Emmy Award winner for animation (“as himself”)

Brian Albert (Award presenter) IGN video host/produces and GameSpot news editor

The importance of video games as an art form and how they can be influential in society today

The importance of video games as an art form and how they can be influential in society today
The importance of video games as an art form and how they can be influential in society today

In this day and age, if you play video games as a form of relaxation or for pure entertainment purposes, that’s fine. But as games have evolved from simple pixelated platformers to photorealistic living worlds full of lively characters with complex real-time gameplay mechanics, they provide an interactive experience like no other medium does.

Games have become a new platform for a form of storytelling, a way to explore detailed worlds both fictional and non-fictional and a way to learn about different cultures. Games also became an expression of our values as human beings; be it war, love or loyalty. Video games nowadays inspire children all over the world not only on becoming more creative, but also wanting to learn more about their own history or even language learning.

With such impactful contribution towards society, it’s no wonder that more and more developers are realizing its importance and creating aesthetically pleasing titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt , Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End , Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and many others. Although Dark Souls 3 is not necessarily an artistic masterpiece, it has its own unique style that sets itself apart from the rest of the titles mentioned. However, what makes Dark Souls 3 stand out is how much work From Software puts into creating one of the most flawless gameplay systems not only in their title but games as a whole.

FAQ about Did dark souls 3 win game of the year

1.Has Dark Souls 3 won Game of the Year?

Yes, Dark Souls 3 won “Ultimate Game of the Year Award” at The Game Awards 2016.

2.Did Dark Souls win GOTY?

No, Dark Souls did not win GOTY. It received critical acclaim and accolades for its gameplay systems which are outstanding even to this day in modern gaming.

3.Is Dark Souls 3 nominated for Game of the Year?

There is no category for Dark Souls 3 as a nominee for Game of the Year. It was nominated as “Ultimate Game of the Year Award” at The Game Awards 2016.

4.Which game will win Game of the Year 2020?

There’s no way to know which game will win Game of the Year 2020, but you can find out at our website.

5.Is there any controversy over whether or not dark souls 3 should have won game of the year?

Yes and no. While some gamers (or “elitists” as they like to call themselves) may complain that games such as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Doom should’ve had a better shot at winning, there’s really nothing much they can do about it. Dark Souls 3 is an excellent game and one of the top products of its generation; those who disagree with this awarding probably haven’t properly played all the other games on the list.

Dark Souls 3 has been nominated for a Game of the Year award at The Game Awards. This is largely due to how well it was received by fans and critics alike, with many praising its gameplay innovations and graphics. It’s easy to see why this game would be nominated if you saw some of the footage from IGN or other sites that have covered it in depth. If you haven’t had a chance yet, we recommend picking up your copy today.

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