June 24, 2022

Europe wilts under early heat wave from Med to North Sea

A hot-air blanket that extends from the Mediterranean to the North Sea is giving much of Western Europe its first heat wave of the summer, with predicted temperatures to exceed 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) from Malaga to London on Friday. Some areas are expected to see Mercury Pass 40C (104F).

The National Meteorological Service of Germany, DWD, predicted that the great sweat would continue during the weekend as the heat moves east to central and eastern Europe.

The heat follows an unusually dry spring, resulting in the authorities ordered that they will reason in northern Italy and parts of France. Experts say that climate change is already affecting rain patterns and evaporation rates throughout the region, affecting agriculture, industry, and wildlife.

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Source: US News

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Europe wilts under early heat wave from Med to North Sea

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