June 25, 2022

Fox face pomeranians are a popular breed of dog with an amazing temperament. They are known for their friendly, inquisitive and loyal natures. The fox face pomeranian is the perfect pet for your family because they are small in size but large on personality! You won’t regret adding this furry friend to your family!


The fox-faced Pomeranian is a rare breed that was originally bred in the 1980s
They are small dogs, weighing only 7 to 8 pounds
Fox-faced Pomeranians have a distinctive appearance – they have short, smooth coats and their faces resemble those of a fox
Fox-faced Pomeranians can be either red or black with white markings on their chests and feet
This breed has been used for many purposes including as circus performers, show dogs, and family companions
The average lifespan of this dog is 12 years

Pomeranian look-alikes are not a new phenomenon. The fox face pomeranian is just the newest in a long line of Poms that have been bred to resemble other animals, including wolves and owls. The breed has become popular with celebrities like Paris Hilton, who owns three fox face pom’s named Tinkerbell, Tootsie, and Teacup. But why would someone want their pet dog to look like an entirely different animal? As it turns out the trend started when people wanted their dogs to match their own personal style or interests. For example one woman was looking for her “dream puppy” but couldn’t find what she wanted so she decided to create one by breeding her female poodle with a male shih

How much do Fox-faced Pomeranians cost? Are they expensive?

Fox-faced Pomeranians are very popular in the US, where they can be found easily in many different local pet stores. Breeders of these dogs often sell their pups for prices starting at $1500 dollars and going up from there depending on how much they have been bread into a fox-face version or if it is just a standard pom being bred down to a smaller size.


Are Fox Faced Pomeranians Cute? Are they Healthy?

The only way northern breeds could survive on their own was to adapt to the harsh undeground life that would keep them safe from predators and invaders alike, which meant that they had to be smart, quick thinking and cautious around everyone new who approached their den. Also, being entirely white in a snowy environment is NOT good camouflage, so they had to have very keen senses of smell and hearing.

For this reason they are extremely alert and attentive, which in today’s world means that they are easily startled by loud noises or sudden movements. In general fox faced dogs don’t do well in homes with children who haven’t been taught how to behave around dogs, because the dog will not know when they’re being playful vs when they’re getting too excited when playing. They usually prefer a calmer household where everyone moves less erratically 🙂

Fox-faced Pomeranians tend to be healthy overall but there’s no way for us breeders to prevent them from having genetic problems just like any other gene between two different breeds! These include Musladin-Lueke Syndrome (a blood clotting disorder common in many Pomeranians) or the slipping kneecaps that are common among small dog breeds. They also have a higher chance of issues with their teeth.

Please beware that not all Pom breeders will be up front about health testing, some will say their poms don’t have any health problems because they’re purebred, but keep in mind that these are usually backyard or puppy mill breeders! Fox faced or not, choosing to buy from one of those places is very bad for the puppies and I highly encourage you to rehome them if possible!

On the flip side…

There are many benefits to having a fox-faced dog as a pet. They are extremely friendly to people they have met before, but because of their natural instincts they will be extra cautious with strangers until properly introduced. This is why fox faced dogs do best in homes with adults who know how to communicate to their puppy that everything is okay.


Fox-faced Pomeranians are also much less likely to bark than most other poms! That’s because barking would attract too much attention when their den was underground… But nowadays if the Pom doesn’t feel like talking, it will keep quiet and wait for you or someone else it knows well to make the first move when there’s a noise outside or in your neighborhood 🙂

History of the breed

The history of fox-faced pomeranians starts with the Pomeranian breed itself. Fox-faced pomeranians are a variety of the Pomeranian dog breed. The history of this breed can be traced back to Germany in the 19th century, where it was bred down from just one landrace type to become its own standardised breed.

This original Pomskies were bred together out of an interest for these dogs during that time which is when people started breeding smaller versions of the Pom combined with Siberian Husky or Alaskan Klee Kai. Nowadays there are many different types of Pomskies being bred by various people all over the world because they have gained so much popularity in recent years.

Facts about the breed

Breeding a fox-faced Pomsky litter is fairly expensive as well because not everyone has the right lines for this type of breeding so kennels have to import dogs from other breeders or even from other countries to mix them with certain types of Pomskies that will give them more desirable traits. Many people even travel all around the world to find the most extremely fox-faced pups in order to get the most desirable traits out of their litters.

These dogs are also very popular in Russia where they are known under a name ‘Rossik’ which means Russian Pom. Even though these dogs originate from Germany, they had become so famous in Russia that there is even an official dog breed club for them now.

Many people who own Pomeranians or Alaskan Klee Kais claim that their smaller breeds have husky characteristics, while some claim it’s just how you raise your dog and train him/her during its early years what makes it resemble either of the two breeds more than one another. Some people believe that these small dogs can be both at the same time.

Well, the fact is that Pomeranians are one of the tiniest but also oldest dog breeds around. They originate from Germany where they were used as ratters and to guard homes against predators like wolves or foxes. During their early years they were bred down in size so much so that now we have Pomskies with smaller sizes than other small dogs which makes them look more like huskies than pomeranians sometimes even though their temperament is still very similar to that of a standard pom.

Pomeranian breeders usually choose either Husky or Klee Kai for these breeding combinations because it will bring out certain traits in their litters; whether it be eye shape, coloration or body shape.

Since these dogs originate from Germany, they are very popular there and breeders tend to charge high prices for their puppies due to the fact that many people go overseas to buy their pups. Prices start at around $1500 dollars but can skyrocket up to thousands of dollars if it’s a husky looking Pomsky with blue eyes for example, because huskies with blue eyes are generally considered more valuable than regular colored ones due to their rarity in this country as well as others.

Pomskies have been gaining a lot of popularity especially during the last few years as more people discover this mix breed through online searches. It is also important to know that not every breeder specializes in breeding fox-faced Pomeranians so make sure

Personality traits of fox-faced pomeranians

Fox-faced pomeranians are among the most popular toy dog breeds. Besides their unique looks, there are other personality traits of fox-faced pomeranians that make them adorable and lovable pets.

Here is a list of five personality traits of fox-faced pomeranians:

1. Alertness – Fox-faced pomeranians always remain alert about everything that is happening around them. Their alertness helps avoid any unforeseen circumstances or dangers with ease. This aspect makes it easy for owners to train these dogs quickly so they can be more socialized in different situations. By training them at an early age, even children can handle these dogs with ease, which further increases the overall healthiness of your pet.

2. Affectionate – Fox-faced pomeranians have a very affectionate nature, especially with children. This helps children in learning about some responsibility and also increases their self-confidence while interacting with other kids and pets around them. It’s advisable to avoid keeping them under the same roof as your cat or any other pet; otherwise, they can get into some trouble due to some extremely playful behavior.

3. Socialize easily – One aspect that makes fox-faced pomeranians different from other breeds is their ability to socialize easily without any problems. These dogs do not need much training for this purpose; on the contrary, it comes naturally to these dogs’ personality traits. Most of the time they try to socialize with other pets and kids. However, they need to be trained at an early age for better socialization as well as behavior.


4. Independent – Fox-faced pomeranians are usually very independent in nature; therefore, you will not see them hanging all over you like some other breeds of dogs commonly found nowadays. They love exploring the world around them and always try finding out new things about their surroundings. This is one reason they often get stuck between something or the other during your regular walk routine.

5. Alert barkers – Unlike most of the small sized toy dog breeds that hardly make any sound except for occasional whining or barking, fox-faced pomeranians have a unique way of announcing visitors coming to the house. They have a loud and clear bark that can be heard from a distance easily, letting everyone know of the presence of some stranger at the door.

The fox-faced pomeranian is a rare breed that has been around for over 100 years. This dog’s facial expressions are so expressive, because of the way their fur grows on their head and muzzle. They have a happy expression with ears up high when they see someone they love or know well, but will turn away from strangers to avoid being petted by them. These dogs also have an unusual bark that sounds like it came out of a cartoon character! Have you seen one before?

What is the difference between a fox face pomeranian and a regular pomeranian?

Fox face pomeranians, how much is a black and tan pomeranian - Lisbdnet.com
What is the difference between a fox face pomeranian and a regular pomeranian?

All dogs are cute, but fox face pomeranians are in a whole other class of adorable. Fox face pomeranians have larger eyes, wider foreheads and longer snouts than your average fluffy, toy dog. One of the most distinguishing characteristics about these dogs is their trademark “fox face, ” so where did this term come from? The breeds of fox face pomeranian are actually American Kennel Club’s standards for Pomeranians since 1886.

They stand with tails curled over. A narrow face, small triangular shaped eyes and fox-like face are the typical features of this breed. Their ears are folded over with an upright and graceful carriage. The name of the breed was derived from the German word Pomerania.

What to Look for When Buying a Fox Face Pomeranian?

Fox-face Pomeranian? | Puppy Forum and Dog Forums
What to Look for When Buying a Fox Face Pomeranian?

It is important to consider your needs first, before buying a fox face pomeranian. This is especially true if you have other pets at home because your pomeranian will be living with them. It is important to find out what kind of temperament your current pets have so that they can live together harmoniously. If you have young children, you will also want to be sure that they can play with your new Pomeranian without causing any harm to the animal.

How do you care for a fox face pomeranian?

Pomeranian Fox Type Black - Pets Lovers
How do you care for a fox face pomeranian?

A fox face pomeranian is an adorable type of dog that also has a very distinct appearance. One important thing to note about a fox face pomeranian is how to care for it because proper care can prevent serious illness and disease. Here’s some information on how to keep your fox face pomeranian happy and healthy.

  • Feed your fox face pomeranian a high-quality diet
  • Provide plenty of opportunities for exercise
  • Brush your fox face pomeranian’s coat regularly
  • Groom your fox face pomeranian’s teeth and nails
  • Take your fox face pomeranian to the veterinarian for regular checkups and vaccinations

What are some common health problems for fox face pomeranians?

Fox face pomeranians, how much is a black and tan pomeranian - Lisbdnet.com
What are some common health problems for fox face pomeranians?

Having a fox face pomeranian as a pet can be quite rewarding. As with all dogs, there are certain concerns that have to be kept in mind. While it is impossible to completely prevent some issues that may come up, here is what you need to know regarding the most common health problems fox face pomeranians deal with.

  • Heart problems
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin problems
  • Dental problems
  • Urinary tract infections

Conclusion the fox face pomeranians

Some dog breeds are just too adorable for words, and the fox face pomeranian is definitely one of them. This little pup has a face that is literally shaped like a fox, with pointy ears and a long snout. They are often mistaken for teddy bears, and their fluffy fur makes them look even more cuddly. If you’re looking for an adorable addition to your family, a fox face pomeranian is the perfect pet!

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