Gala Outlook turns Negative, Time to Sell?

August 1st, Gala Price Prediction: The Current Outlook is Marginally Negative

Latest Gala Token Price

GALA Performance Chart

Gala outperformed BTC, MANA and ETH in the last 5 days. But in year-to-date comparison it is one of the worst performing cryptos.

Last 5 Days +1.7% +2.9% +3.5% +11.2%
YTD -51.1% -70.6% -55.1% -87.6%

Gala Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

Indicator Trend
Overall Marginally Negative
Market’s Wisdom Negative
Technical Sell
Market Cap Lower
Trading Volume Trend Lower
Crowd’s Wisdom Marginally Negative
Google Trend Lower
Social Media Buzz Higher
Social Media Sentiment Lower

GALA Price Prediction and Forecast: Market Cap and Volume Data

Metric Value Trend
Market Cap Rank #96 Steady
Current Market Cap $ 399.5 M Lower
Volume Traded in Terms of $ $ 416.6 M Lower

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Gala Price Prediction: Technical Analysis Video

YouTube video

GALA Crypto Price Prediction: Google Search Trends

Interest level on Google for GALA is Lower than yesterday.

Volume Trend
Social Volume 1.2K Higher
Social Engagement 827 Higher

GALA Prediction: Net Sentiment

7 Days 1 Day Net Sentiment
Social Sentiment ($GALA) +43.6% +34.3% Lower

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Gala Price Prediction: How many Gala Token Holders are in Profit?

Holders Making Money at Current Price

Date Holders Making Money Holders Losing Money
August 1st 17% 77%

Holders Composition by Time Held

Greater Than 1 Year 7%
1-12 Months 81%
Less than a Month 12%

GALA Price Prediction: Latest Tweets

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Can Gala Reach $10?

The Play to earn market is expected to grow to $219 billion by 2024. It is probably less than $10 B in 2021.

Gala is a play to earn gaming platform that is based on the network of Ethereum ERC-20. On Gala, using blockchain and NFTs, players can win verified assets and then trade them with other players.

GALA has managed to reach an ATH or an All-Time-High price of $0.83 in 2021. It has since fallen but is predicted to reach $0.42 by the end of this year.

Gala’s current price is 0.21 and a market cap of $1.5 Billion. If Gala were priced at $10, the market cap would be $48 Billion. The Play to earn market is predicted to increase by 20 fold over the next 3 years. Even if one were to assume the estimates were off by 2-3 years, Gala could be priced anywhere between $6-$10 dollars by 2027. So the answer to the question Can Gala Reach $10 is Given the explosive growth in Play to earn games, Gala can easily reach $10 in the next 4-5 years.

Another interesting way to look at Play to earn games is to look at each gaming platform as a tiny country and purchase and sales inside the game viewed as commerce inside the game. When reframed this way, Game Tokens like Gala have a much brighter future than most Meme and Alt Coins.

GALA Coin Price Prediction: Is Gala Crypto a Good Investment?

One could say in General that Gala Crypto is a Good Investment. However, it is difficult to say it a Good Investment today as it has just run up by 100% in the last 7 days. Why is Gala Crypto a good investment?

Do your own research on TradingView

GALA Coin Price Prediction and Forecast: GALA Where to Buy?

GALA is gradually becoming one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. There has been a rapid rise in demand for GALA. Here is the steps to buy GALA:

  1. Finding a crypto exchange that sells GALA
  2. Create an account with the Exchange
  3. Verify your identity
  4. Fund the Wallet
  5. Make the Purchase

Few of the important exchanges offering GALA are:

GALA Coin Price Prediction

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