June 25, 2022

Georgia Governor Polls: Kemp vs Abrams, Who is Going To Win?

June 9th: Georgia Governor Polls: The polls, Google Trend data and the net sentiments indicate a very close fight between Kemp and Abrams.

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Georgia is one of the biggest battleground states in 2022, hosting an extremely competitive Senate and Governor races on November 8th, 2022. The Democratic and Republican primaries were held on May 24, 2022. Brian Kemp won the GOP Primary while Stacey Abrams won the Democratic Party’s Primary election.

Georgia Governor Polls: Observation

The Georgia Governor race is turning out to be a fight between two giants. The incumbent Governor Brian Kemp survived the Primary election despite fighting against the Trump-endorsed candidates while the Democrat Stacey Abrams had an easy win.

Now, who is in a Driver’s seat in Georgia?

No polls have been conducted in the last 1 month but the previous polls have shown a close fight between Brain Kemp and Stacey Abrams. The election being a close one can be confirmed from the Google Trend data. Both Kemp and Abrams have equal search volumes.

Even the net sentiments of both the candidates are almost the same, indicating the election going to wire finish. Our observation for the election remains the same, a very close election with the Republicans having a minor edge. However, the victory of Kemp over the MAGA candidate may not have been well-received by the Trump supporters. If the Trump supporters go against Kemp, then we may see Stacey Abrams as the new Governor of Georgia.

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Georgia Governor Race 2022 Polls: Kemp vs Abrams Polls



Brian Kemp

Stacey Abrams

Average of Polls

April 27th



April 27th



April 9th



April 3rd



Georgia Governor Race Polls: General Election, Google Search Trends

Brian Kemp

Stacey Abrams

June 10th



May 28th



May 15th



April 15th





Georgia Governor Race 2022 Polls: Net Social Media Sentiment



June 9th



May 28th



May 15th



April 15th



Georgia Governor Polls: Latest News

  1. Q&A: Stacey Abrams on her rematch with Brian Kemp, Donald Trump and abortion
  2. Stacey Abrams Calls for Gas Tax Suspensions Through End 
  3. Abrams vs. Kemp on the gas tax extension
  4. Can Democrats Keep Georgia Blue?

Georgia Governor Election 2022 Polls: Latest Videos

Georgia Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Georgia Governor Polls: Why Trump’s Endorsement Failed Before Kemp?

  • Brian Kemp enjoys a 53% approval rate in Georgia with only 27% disapproving of his performance. Amongst Republicans, the Governor enjoys a net approval rating of 79%, the same as Governor Greg Abbott who won 66% of the primary vote in Texas.
  • Kemp has been an object of Scorn for Trump after the 2020 election owing to the vote-counting controversy in Georgia that Trump thought was stolen from him. By backing former senator David Perdue, Trump hoped to take revenge against the Governor. However, Kemp who is a seasoned political operator in Georgia strengthened his position by passing a number of laws (Just like DeSantis) to consolidate the GOP voters behind him.
    • Election Integrity Act 2021
    • Law that allows gun owners to bypass getting a permit
    • Income Tax refunds for Georgia’s taxpayers
    • Pay raises and bonuses for those working in the education sector
    • Supporting a parents’ bill of rights that gives parents a greater say in their kid’s education
  • Stacey Abrams on the other hand has focussed her efforts on Fundraising ahead of the election in November. She lost to Kemp by just 1.4% in 2018 but the environment at the moment is loaded against Democrats given high inflation and President Biden’s unpopularity.
  • Kemp leads Abrams by 6% points which are in line with the 4-5% swing against the Democrats in most states.

Georgia Governor Race Polls 2022: Previous Election

Georgia Governor Election 2022 Polls: Democratic Primary Results

Stacey Abrams   1,110,490 votes    Uncontested (100%)

Georgia Governor Race 2022 Polls: GOP Primary Results

Brian Kemp   8,79,705 votes    73.7%

Georgia Governor 2022 Polls: GOP Primary Eliminations

David Perdue   260,811 votes    21.8%
Kandiss Taylor   40,960  votes    3.4%

Georgia Governor Election 2022 Polls: What Happened In the Last Election?

In the last Georgia gubernatorial election held on November 6, 2018, the Republican Secretary of State Brian Kemp was up against Democratic former State Representative Stacey Abrams.

The election result was quite close as Brian Kemp got 50.2% of the total votes while Stacey Abrams polled 48.8% of the votes. After the election result, Brian Kemp went on to become the new Governor of Georgia replacing the Republican Nathan Deal.

Georgia Governor Race Polls 2022: Demographics of Georgia Voters



White American (non-Hispanic)


African American


Asian American


Hispanic American


Native American




The rapid diversification of Georgia has made it a battleground as many educated professionals populate the Atalanta metro area which has boomed in population this century. The suburban counties (Gwinnett and Cobb) around Atalanta are now extremely diverse and have swung Democratic giving Biden nearly 20 point margins after voting for a Republican as President as late as 2012. These form a part of the “New South” and will likely decide this race.

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Georgia Governor Race Polls 2022

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