How Many Leagues Of Legends Champions In 2021? –

In the world of League of Legends, there are a ton of different champions to choose from. There’s a champion for every play style and it can sometimes be hard to find one that suits your needs.

Whether you’re looking for someone who is good at engaging enemies or taking out targets from afar, League has them all! The blog post will go over how many leagues of legends champions there are in the league and what they can do!

How many leagues of legends champions?

how many leagues of legends champions
how many leagues of legends champions

League of Legends champions is a difficult bunch, in particular, if you’re a brand new player.

Right now, there are a complete of 157 champions, with the modern-day one being Akshay.

When League of Legends became first launched returned in 2009, there have been forty champions, and from there, new champions have constantly been added. The iconic hundredth launched champion became Draven.

Not most effective are there a whole lot of champions to pick out from, however you furthermore might have a lot of heroes. With groups together with five specific champions, you’re searching at 3.7 X 1021 of the viable crew as opposed to crew matchups.

Plus, you furthermore might bear in mind that a whole lot of the champions may be performed in a couple of roles and positions

Here’s the list answering for How many  League of Legends Champions: 

  1. Aatrox
  2. Camille
  3. Darius
  4. Ekko
  5. Fiora
  6. Gangplank
  7. Gwen
  8. Gnar
  9. Hecarim
  10. Illaoi
  11. Irelia
  12. Jarvan IV
  13. Jax
  14. Jayce
  15. Kled
  16. Lee Sin
  17. Nasus
  18. Olaf
  19. Pantheon
  20. Rek’ Sai
  21. Rell
  22. Renekton
  23. Riven
  24. Sett
  25. Shyvana
  26. Trundle
  27. Tryndamere
  28. Udyr
  29. Urgot
  30. Vi
  31. Viego
  32. Volibear
  33. Warwick
  34. Wukong
  35. Xin Zhao
  36. Yasuo
  37. Yone
  38. Yorick
  39. Akshan
  40. Akali
  41. Diana
  42. Elise
  43. Evelynn
  44. Fizz
  45. Kassadin
  46. Katarina
  47. Kayn
  48. Kha’Zix
  49. LeBlanc
  50. Master Yi
  51. Nidalee
  52. Nocturne
  53. Pyke
  54. Qiyana
  55. Quinn
  56. Rengar
  57. Shaco
  58. Talon
  59. Zed
  60. Ahri
  61. Anivia
  62. Annie
  63. Aurelion Sol
  64. Azir
  65. Bard
  66. Brand
  67. Cassiopeia
  68. Fiddlesticks
  69. Heimerdinger
  70. Ivern
  71. Janna
  72. Karma
  73. Karthus
  74. Kennen
  75. Lissandra
  76. Lulu
  77. Lux
  78. Lillia
  79. Malzahar
  80. Mordekaiser

    How Many Leagues Of Legends Champions
    How Many Leagues Of Legends Champions

  81. Morgana
  82. Nami
  83. Neeko
  84. Orianna
  85. Rumble
  86. Ryze
  87. Seraphine
  88. Sona
  89. Soraka
  90. Swain
  91. Sylas
  92. Syndra
  93. Taliyah
  94. Twisted Fate
  95. Veigar
  96. Vel’Koz
  97. Viktor
  98. Vladimir
  99.  Vex
  100. Xerath
  101. Yuumi
  102. Ziggs
  103. Zilean
  104. Zoe
  105. Zyra
  106. Alistar
  107. Amumu
  108. Blitzcrank
  109. Braum
  110. Cho’Gath
  111. Mundo
  112. Galio
  113. Garen
  114. Gragas
  115. Leona
  116. Malphite
  117. Maokai
  118. Nautilus
  119. Nunu & Willump
  120. Ornn
  121. Poppy
  122. Rakan
  123. Rammus
  124. Sejuani
  125. Shen
  126. Singed
  127. Sion
  128. Skarner
  129. Tahm Kench
  130. Taric
  131. Thresh
  132. Zac
  133. Aphelios
  134. Ashe
  135. Caitlyn
  136. Corki
  137. Draven
  138. Ezreal
  139. Graves
  140. Jhin
  141. Jinx
  142. Kai’Sa
  143. Kalista
  144. Kayle
  145. Kindred
  146. Kog’Maw
  147. Lucian
  148. Miss Fortune
  149. Samira
  150. Senna
  151. Sivir
  152. Teemo
  153. Tristana
  154. Twitch
  155. Varus
  156.  Vayne
  157.  Xayah

Top best Champions to start with

How many leagues of legends champions
How many leagues of legends champions
  1. Ashe
    2. Annie
    3. Garen
    4. Soraka
    5. Amumu
    6. Master Yi
    7. Mike Plant

Tips for beginners

How many leagues of legends champions
How many leagues of legends champions
  1. Don’t be anxious approximately particular characters and positions. At least for the primary 5 levels.
  2. Understand the fundamentals of the map and specific positions.
  3. Look on the minimap every few seconds.
  4. Try all of the positions, however recognition on one.
  5. Don’t get severe approximately Jungling till degree 20 (at least).
  6. Communicate together along with your teammates.
  7. Download some voice-chat programs.
  8. Use ARAM and co-op to check out new stuff. Look up courses for particular characters.
  9. Triple-test each piece of recommendation you get.
  10. Plan out the gadgets you’re going to shop for earlier than a sport starts.
  11. Don’t purchase something with RP if you could purchase it for IP.
  12. Don’t fear approximately runes till you attain degree 20. Do take note of your masteries from the start.
  13. Follow at the side of the patch notes.
  14. Remember: giving up is continually an option.
  15. Say “GG” on the stop of video games.

F.A.Q Leagues of Legends Champions:

1. Why are they called champions in League of Legends?

Because the League of Legends was established to stop more runic letter Wars on Valoran, the neutrally aligned summoners known as fourth exceptional individuals, named as ‘champions’, to battle on the Fields of Justice so as to settle disputes. These champions have joined the League for varied reasons.

2. How does League of Legends champions work?

All champions begin every match at level 1, bit by bit leveling up throughout the sport to most of level 18. Champions level up by gaining expertise and earning gold to shop for things – experience and gold are earned by killing units (computer-controlled enemies), destroying towers, and killing enemy champions.

3. Is League hard to learn?

When enjoying against bots, don’t be afraid to undertake new champs and strategies! It may be chilling at first, however, don’t be afraid. be at liberty to play the tutorials sometimes if you’re still unfamiliar with the controls. LoL is one in every of those “easy to learn, not possible to master” games.


I hope this post has been helpful in answering your question. Did you know that there are 157 different champions in League of Legends? That’s a lot!

You can learn more about these characters by checking out the Wikipedia page for League of Legends Champions. It’s always exciting to find out new things about one of our favorite video games, so keep exploring and learning!


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