June 26, 2022

How to clean Concept 2 Rower? Concept 2 rowing machines are expensive and need to be cleaned regularly.

The good news is that it’s not hard to clean your rower, but the bad news is that many people don’t do this often enough or well enough. This can lead to a build-up of dirt and bacteria which will make you sick if you use the machine again before cleaning it properly.

Solution: We’ve put together a guide on how to clean your rower step by step, including detailed pictures. It’s easy! You’ll also find some useful tips for keeping your machine in top condition between deep cleans as well as answers on frequently asked questions about rowing machines and their maintenance. Enjoy!

How to clean Concept 2 Rower?
How to clean Concept 2 Rower?

How to clean Concept 2 Rower? Following 6 easy steps below

1. Fill the tank with water and start rowing

2. Turn off the rower and let it cool down

3. Remove the seat and clean any dirt or dust from the frame

4. Use a soft cloth to wipe away any sweat stains on the seat, handlebars, and footrests

5. Rinse out all of the parts in cold water until they are completely free of grit or soap residue

6. Dry all of your rowing machine’s parts thoroughly before reassembling them back into place


Wiping down the monorail with a cloth is of utmost importance, as it can scratch easily. Non-abrasive scouring pads should be used after every use and soaps are not recommend for this purpose because they may leave residue on your railings or tracks that will prevent them from drying properly.

You could also try using glass cleaning products like Windex® to keep things nice without having an adverse effect on their durability if you’re worried about damaging anything!

Non abrasives cleansing agents suchs bleaching powders might harm surface finish therefore don’t make use soap

Every 50 Hours of Use Weekly for Institutional Users

Lubricate the chain with 3-IN-ONE® oil, a 20W motor oil or pure mineral oils. Apply it to paper towels and rub them along entire length of your bike’s derailleur in order avoid any friction burns on its moving parts which might lead you having problems later down the road when trying replace this part if needed again for some other reason!

Every 250 Hours of Use Monthly for Institutional Users

Inspect the chain for stiff links. If found, replace it with a new one to avoid any further problems on your bike! Inspecting both connections (chain-handle) will also let you know if there is wear or elongation that needs immediate attention before more damage occurs; this could lead into replacing either components entirely like in our last scenario where nothing seems wrong but still might need some extra TLC afterall due process says so anyway right?

Oiling Your Concept 2 Rowing Machine Chain

Your rower is like the engine of your bike, and if you don’t lubricate it then that means trouble.

Maintaining chain lube on a regular basis will keep things running smoothly between all parts involved in steering; this includes both Mechanical (mechanical) gears as well as Electrical system electronics inside each wheel circumference hub shell—including pedals!

To oil your 2 rower, simply take a tablespoon of chain oil (see my top choices here) and rub it along the length. Make sure you properly coat all links up until around erg level where extra attention may be needed for stiff joints or tight areas near wear points like hinges on locks . That’s it!

Cleaning Your Concept2 Rower - Alicia R. Clark

How Often Should I Oil My Concept 2 Chain?

The Output is that you should oil your machine after 50 hours of use, which means every 400K meters or so.

This might be a little too specific and hard to keep track of, so I’d just recommend doing it quarterly or bi-annually if you use your rower more often. Oil will not hurt the chain on most models; don’t worry about sticking close with these maintenance schedules!

Regularly Clean The Monorail

Cleaning the monorail after every workout is an integral part of maintaining your Concept 2 ergometer.

Concept 2 machines have a metal track, or “monorail,” that you slide on to complete exercises like running and biking without pedaling respectively; this should be cleaned regularly in order for it not get dirtied easily because then there would be more work involved when performing simple tasks such as putting away groceries inside cupboards!

Getting a “grit” on the rail will slow you down and may cause some issues with your longer row times. You can keep things running smoothly by wiping off any dirt or grit regularly, which is easy enough that it doesn’t take much time for this task!

I recommend wiping down the rail regularly with a rag. It is quick, easy and will keep your machine rowing smoothly!

If you keep your Concept 2 rower outdoors, be sure to wipe down the monorail after every session. You can use water on a rag or an all purpose gym cleaner and even add some oil if needed!

Another important thing about keeping things dry inside our homes where we store these type og equipment are wipes – make sure there’s always some close by at least one wipe-toilet paper works well too if needed-, since most people don’t want their nice new machine dirty.

Regularly Sanitize The Rowing Handle

Cleaning your rowing machine can get a little tricky, but it’s not impossible. You’ll need soap and water to clean off any dirt or residue that has accumulated on the handle of an older model- simply take out one inch at either end with some dish detergent before washing thoroughly in hot sudsy water for five minutes (don’t forget about underplug) then leave upside down so all excess moisture drips away). Finally dry using paper towels if possible because cleaning chemicals are flammable!

The handle on your rower is a cleanable part, but if you use it in the gym and are mainly using for yourself then don’t worry about cleaning every few sessions. Just make sure to do so daily or weekly at most!

Maintain Your Monitor

Concept 2 Kürek – Kingsbox Türkiye

Rowers should also make sure that their monitor is charged. Loose cords can cause the fan and even power distribution to fail, so it’s important for rowers who plan on going for an intense PR sprint session in order not lose any momentum!

The next step of rower maintenance is to check the monitor, and one thing I always find when checking for loose cords or broken connections are these pesky power cables.

These tend get wrapped around our feet during a workout so they’re hard enough that we may not notice them until it bites us in pain! Make sure yours isn’t getting tangled up with anything before heading out on your own PR sprints.

A little TLC goes a long way towards keeping this machine running smoothly – especially if you plan ahead by making sure all wires have been plugged into their respective ports beforehand.

Concept 2 Flywheel Cleaning

A dirty flywheel can seriously affect your rower’s performance. You should keep it cleaned with regularity, especially if you use the machine a lot or work in dusty environments often! Concept 2 recommends after every 250 hours of use (really!)

Unless this is done infrequently, they recommend doing an annual clean for best results.

Concept 2 Flywheel Cleaning
Concept 2 Flywheel Cleaning


Can concept 2 rowers get wet?

Our indoor rower covers are the perfect way to protect your expensive machine from dust and dirt. These water resistant, vinyl laminate items have velcro tabs at bottom edge with which you can easily attach it on top of any frame or rail whatever type suits best for what kind of use – they’re not designed as full weather protection when stored outside in bad conditions but will provide great service during wet seasons!

Can you leave Concept 2 outside?

When storing the indoor rower for longer periods of time, we recommend that you clean and dry out any area before placing it in its final location. The best place is away from direct sunlight or temperatures higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). Do not leave an outdoor near your Concept2!


Whether you’re a novice rower or an experienced pro, we hope these tips will help keep your equipment in top shape and make rowing more enjoyable. If there is anything at all that we can do to assist you with this process, please don’t hesitate to reach out! We’re always happy to provide our expertise for free when it comes to keeping Concept 2 products clean and functional. Following our blog? Sign up below so you never miss another post from the Concept2 experts!

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