June 25, 2022

Concept 2 rowing machines are great, but they’re also fairly large and heavy. If you don’t have a lot of space to store your rower it can be hard to keep up with your exercise routine.

We all know that keeping fit is important, but having the right equipment for working out can be expensive and difficult to manage if you live in an apartment or if you travel frequently.

The foldable concept 2 rower is the solution! This innovative design makes it easy to stick with your fitness goals by making it easier than ever to get a full body workout at home or on the go. How to fold concept 2 rower? We will answer this question in this blog!

How to fold concept 2 rower?
How to fold concept 2 rower?

Some easy ways how to fold concept 2 rower

Method 1

1. Clean and dry the rower

2. Remove the seat from the rower by loosening the screw at the front of it

3. Turn over your rower so that you’re looking at its back, then remove any screws or bolts holding on one side of it

4. Remove this piece completely to reveal a metal bar with clips attached to it

5. Take off these clips using an adjustable wrench

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for other side of rower until both pieces are removed

Method 2

1. Lay the rower on its side with the footrest facing you

2. Fold down one of the handles so that it is touching the top of your thigh and hold onto it

3. Take a deep breath in, then exhale as you push up on the handle to lift it off from your leg

4. Hold onto both handles and place them against your stomach, keeping your elbows tucked into your sides (if they are not already)

5. Slowly lean back until you feel tension in the muscles of your arms and legs

6. Hold this position for 10 seconds before returning to start position by leaning forward again while holding onto both handles with palms flat on each handlebar; make sure to keep elbows tucked into body for support

Method 3

1. Place the rower on a flat, stable surface

2. Fold up the seat and handlebars to create an L shape

3. Pull the seat towards you so it is parallel to your body

4. Lift both sides of the frame at once and lean them against each other in front of you

5. Open up one side of the frame (you should now have two open sides)

6. Push down on one side of the frame while pulling up on another until it folds into place

Method 4

1. Stand the rower up on its end, with the seat facing you

2. Remove the foot rest from under the front of the rower

3. Fold in both sides of the frame as pictured below

4. Pull out and remove either side of each handle to fold it down flat alongside its respective rail

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for other side

6. Fold together or store away!

5 Tips on Moving or Storing your Machines

Tip 1

The Model D and E’s framelock connects the monorail end with flywheel, so you should always have it in locked position before moving. When fully closed to prevent any accidental movement during usage or workouts

Do not forget that if there is no handle on your machine i would recommend using something like bungee cords because these will attach onto hooks inside of every part needed for safe transportation including handles.


The procedure is simple with practice, though you should be cautious if your timing isn’t perfect. If the framelock mechanism is not in locked position when lifted or moved it can result injury even for experienced lockers who know what they’re doing

A little bit of effort goes a long way here!

Tip 2

It may seem convenient to store the Concept 2 rower erg vertically lined up against a wall, standing on end with two parts attached. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS STORAGE OPTION FOR THE FOLLOWING REASONS:

  • It is difficult for users who use this style of storing their rowing machines because they need access in order set it back down again when finished working out at night or during lunch breaks from work.
  • The downside about having your machine stand upright all day long without being used could cause some serious damage over time depending how hard you hit yourself while doing exercises which would require repairs before continued usage due improper collision protection measures.

It’s a good idea to store the machines vertically in order not only for safety but also because it allows them all of equal height. If you have one that is too tall and bulky, then its difficult or impossible-depending on where you put them-to access certain parts without damaging any other equipment nearby!

You may want to think twice before removing your equipment from the vertically stored position. Damage could occur if you pull on it with too much force when in this orientation, so be careful!

Tip 3

The best way to store the rower when not in use is by disengaging its framelock and separating it from its front end. The two pieces can then easily be stored, for instance against a wall or in an open closet where they will stay upright without any risk of tipping over on their own accord!

Tip 4

If you often move or roll your RowErgs on rough surfaces like pavement, concrete and other types of tough terrain the fasteners may loosen overtime. To avoid this problem it’s important to tighten all bolts periodically so they don’t come loose while in use.

Tip 5

When you bring your machines in from the outdoors, or if they are coming out of storage after a period of time it is important to remove dust and dirt before cleaning.

Although there are many different types of cleaners for this task one good option would be non-abrasive cleaner mixed with soft cloths on each monorail joint as well as around flywheels which may have accumulated grime over time since these areas tend not only get dirty faster but also collect most everything that ends up tracked into its path through various means including leaves dropping off trees branches etcetera!

Cleaning your machine after a period of time outdoors or if coming out from storage is critical to keep the life expectancy of these components as well any sensors on board. DO NOT SPRAY CLEANER DIRECTLY ONTO THE PERFORMANCE MONITOR, only use non-abrasive cleaners and soft cloths!

How to Storing your Indoor Rower

The indoor rower is a great way to get your heart rate up and burn fat. But, as with any workout equipment it’s important not only for the physical benefits but also because of ergonomics- meaning how easy or difficult they are on our bodies while using them! To keep ours running smoothly we recommend some simple maintenance steps: oiling those chain cables every month (or after heavy use), wiping off dust from all parts that can be reached easily without tools like window cleaner if you have little ones who migh toucht the flywheel, and how to store it when not in use!

Tip 1

In order keep the life expectancy of all moving parts on your machine you should follow a few simple rules! Your indoor rower should be stored horizontally either on its side or flat against the floor.

To prevent damage to internal components, let alone injury to anyone who may try with too much force-STOP immediately if you are using your mind it’s okay but do so at your own risk since heavy weights can shift around under braking with no warning-we recommend removing the seat from time to time for cleaning purposes.

Tip 2

We also recommend that during storage this part is taken off with tools or angled upwards which allows for easier access over time.

Tip 3

Store the monorails of your indoor rower with at least some clearance around them, since their width is much smaller than that of the rowing beam and seat rail they can easily be damaged by heavy objects or even each other when in a disassembled configuration!

Tip 4

Finally how to store your Concept2 Indoor Rower: ideally horizontally body pointing down so it’s better secured against tipping over and allows for easy access when needed again in the future. This way you don’t need to take off pieces and then put them back on simply carrying it from one place to another will do just fine! Now we understand how difficult it must have been to unload all those iron plates from back there but how would you like to put them back on?


Does the Concept 2 Model E fold up?

The Concept 2 Model E is a great foldable rowing machine that can be taken apart for easy storage and folds up to 27″ x 47 “x 54 . 5″. You could separate it into two parts, stand them on end or just lean one against the wall of your home gym!

Is the Concept 2 foldable?

Concept2 Foldable Rowers equipment is a good way to get in shape and meet your goals. It’s perfect for people who want an effective workout without having any help or supervision, since it lets you do everything on your own!

Can you fold a rowing machine?

The rower is made to be easily stored and transported. Its built-in wheels make it simple when you want the machine in an upright position, but also give convenience because there’s no need for a second set of hands! Simply take out your lock pin from where seat rails meet at their hinges – this will allow them close together so that nobody has any trouble getting through them during transport or storage time.


The Concept2 rower has been around for over 30 years, and it is still one of the most popular pieces of exercise equipment in home gyms. It’s easy to use but not always intuitive on how to fold it up when you are done using it.

We know that every second counts when you are working out, so we have broken down step-by-step instructions with photos to show you exactly how this fitness machine should be folded up after a workout session. Thank you for reading how to fold concept 2 rower! I hope this article have provided some great ideas for how to fold concept 2 rower.

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