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Have you ever wished that you could just grow taller overnight? Well, now there is a way to do so. There are many ways to increase height, but the one I would like to discuss is growth hormone therapy. For those of us who have stopped growing or for those who want to continue growing into adulthood this treatment can help tremendously. Read on for more information about how it works and side effects that might occur with this kind of therapy.
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What factors does height depend on?

Height is often determined by genetics

Heredity and the different phases of a person’s growth and development. The age and sex of a person is very important, as well as their race.

What makes people with the same gene but different heights?

It depends on the number of genes that affect height. There are many genetic disorders that can cause abnormal height such as dwarfism or gigantism (acromegaly). Also, some medications like steroids can contribute to changes in height. When it comes to simple genetics height is controlled by multiple genes which means there is no single dominant gene for tallness nor a single recessive gene for shortness: instead, what determines your height is how ‘tall genes’ and ‘short genes’ pair up — a process governed by countless tiny tweaks in our biological blueprints.

The age at which puberty begins can also affect height

The age at which puberty begins can also affect heigh,t especially in girls. Early puberty onset can have a physiological effect on growth, adding up to 3 cm to final height.

Factors such as nutrition and environment play a role in determining how tall someone will grow to be

Weight is another factor that affects height; we could call it ‘density’. The weight and height relationship follows an s-curve: while you weigh very little your growth may be fast but it slows down until zeroing at adulthood (or even after 18 years old if you are not done growing). That’s why younger people tend to be taller than older ones; which is why adolescence is such a rapid growing time. Exercise and muscle activity also play a role too: regular exercise may add height by building bone mass and strong muscles, while lack of exercise may cause a person to stop growing even if they are eating.

Both males and females grow until puberty before going through a growth spurt, but after that boys tend to have a larger growth spurt than girls. When it comes to race, Asians tend to have the lowest growth spurt while Africans have the highest one, so Caucasians fall somewhere in between these groups. There is also evidence that suggests relatively poor nutrition slows down height growth. A malnourished child may grow more slowly and remain shorter throughout life.


The first thing you need to do is stop eating junk foodd because it slows down your metabolism thus preventing you from growing taller. If you have ever tried any junk foo d then stop eating it now .

Junk food is everything that contains a lot of sugar and bad fat like fries, cola, burgers etc.

This will teach you how to grow taller overnight.

Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, and make sure it’s intense exercise

do some stretching exercises before bedtime to relax your muscles and joints


Take vitamin D supplements, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium

Get enough sleep – about 8 hours per night

Avoid sitting all the time – instead take breaks and stretch every hour or so

Practice good posture by keeping your back straight when standing or sitting down

What is the average height for adults in different countries?

The average height varies according to the country and depending on how old is its population: low-income countries like India and Bangladesh (whose average height is 165 cm for males and 152 cm for females) have a younger population with people who have not yet reached their peak height. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), average height increases as a country’s per capita income rises, with countries that are better off recording a higher average.


For instance, in 2008 Japan had an average male height of 184 cm – the biggest in the world – while Somalia had the lowest at 163cm for men and 150cm for women. In fact more than half of low-income countries worldwide had an adult population whose average height was below WHO standards.

In terms of regions, East Asian countries usually record bigger heights than European ones: thus China has 174 cm for men and 160 cm for women, and South Korea 186 cm and 159 cm, while the corresponding numbers for European countries like France and Spain were 172cm and 158cm.


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