How to Teamfight With Zed?

When it comes to League of Legends, Zed never fails to wow with his slick mechanics and assassin-like personality. 

Zed has been a nightmare for AD Carriers, squishy mages, and others since his release in 2012. Zed is a challenge to the enemy if played well, delivering heavy damage in team fights, putting pressure on the map by roaming, and terrorizing the enemy. 

Zed’s kit is effective and devastating regardless of your elo level. Zed’s skill cap is well known, thus this guide is intended to assist you in reaching it.

Occasionally, I have the impression that Zed was formerly an AD push supporter who, fed up with the bot lane, turned his attention to taking down AD carries. 

If Zed only had one task, it would be to eliminate the enemy’s primary carry. Zed is a deadly enemy to run into if you’re alone, because of his smart shadow play and bursts of heavy damage. 

Zed’s play style is mostly based on picking out critical targets during team fights or roaming to find anyone who is alone and unnoticed.

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Zed’s Teamfight Ealy, Mid and Late Game

When it comes to gaming experiences, Zed is one of the most complex characters. Like Vayne, Lee Sin, Yasuo, and Riven, he has a high skill cap and is difficult to use. It doesn’t diminish his popularity, though, as many players choose to play as Zed in their team formations.

So, here is how you can teamfight with Zed in early, mid and late game:

Early Game

When you get your Living Shadow, you’ll already have a strong combination for harassing at level 2. 

A long-ranged single shuriken strike may be created behind the turret, or two shurikens can be created with your W. Sole-lane harassing and pushing opponents out of their lane is a common solo laner’s goal since it allows you to roam freely.

Zed is a good laner. Your opponent will be aware of this. Most likely, if you’ve been farming and harassing as a Zed should, your enemy will play it safe when you unlock your ult. 

Zed’s assassination style relies heavily on his ult, so monitor your experience! It’s a little inconvenience, but your enemy is keeping an eye on your experience to make sure you don’t kill them. 

Even a wave of minions might help you get the first kill in your lane if you prepare beforehand. The rest of the way is a snowball’s toss.

Mid Game

To be effective, Zed has to be able to move freely in the middle of the game. Zed must exert pressure on the map if either turret is down. 

You must have completed Youmuu’s at this time for your roam to be effective. It would be fantastic if you could select a selection every time your R goes off cooldown. Zed’s choice should be enough to secure a goal for the squad with some teamwork.

Late Game

Zed’s role in teamfights will be determined by how well you fared in the early and mid-stages of the game. You can’t always control everything. I’d suggest staying with your squad if they teamfight successfully. 

However, if you feel the need to carry, you can do so based on how well you’ve been fed. To split push, you need to have some faith in your team. 

If you don’t have that trust, I recommend hanging around teamfights and objectives until you feel like your team is competent in a 4 v 5 situation.

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Teamfight with Zed

Because his kit focuses mostly on dealing damage to a single enemy, Zed loses effectiveness later in the game to a greater extent than the majority of other champions. In addition, Zed lacks the necessary tools to engage in split push, which means that throughout the late game, he is primarily focused on acquiring picks. 

Because Zed’s R (Death Mark) grants simple access to the backline, you pose a significant danger to opponent ADCs and other damage dealers who are vulnerable to physical damage. 

You just need to remember one thing, and that is that using your ultimate ability will teleport you behind your opponent. 

Try to time this after these abilities have already been fired off, as more experienced players may already be familiar with this particular facet of Zed’s kit and will direct their CC in the other direction.

Despite the fact that this champion focuses on dealing damage to a single target, as was said before, a second combination will enable you to distribute damage quite evenly across multiple opponents. This is a more challenging combination that requires coordination between your ultimate attack and your W attack.

W -> R -> E -> Q -> E

In order to pull off this combination, you need to position your live shadow such that it is next to your opponent. When you execute your ultimate ability on the enemy that was your initial target, a triangle will be created in which there are two live shadows. 

After this, you need to immediately fire off your shadow slashes and razor shurikens, catching anyone who is still stuck within this triangle. Once more, this is a totally interruptible combination, and the only way to make it work is to time it after the key CC abilities that your opponent possesses. 

The fact that Zed’s ultimate renders him immune to being targeted for a certain period of time ensures that you will always be able to field two live shadows. Additionally, hitting W will supply you with a certain amount of peel, which serves as a backup plan in the event that things do not go as planned.

Zed’s Skill Order in a Teamfight

The order of skills is as follows: Q > E > W. Because Q is so essential to laning and harassing the opponents, it is an absolute must to level it up initially. 

Even while it is not as helpful as your Q, your E still deals additional damage and has a slow that makes it easier for your Q to get struck. 

Because W does not provide Zed with any additional damage and E already reduces the cooldown on W, it is the last skill to be maxed up. 

At levels 6, 11, and 16, you should always make sure to place a point into your ultimate ability. After collecting at least one point in QWE at level 3, your primary attention should be on reaching a level maximum in Q.

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Zed’s Teamfight Build

Zed’s first priority shouldn’t be a Mythic Item. Instead, you ought to focus your efforts on getting Youmuu’s Ghostblade as quickly as you possibly can. This item has an extremely cheap cost and provides Zed with everything he requires in the early game. 

Ionian Boots of Lucidity are the best choice for you to use if you want to reduce the amount of time it takes for your boots to cool down. After that, construct a Mythic Item of your choice. 

At this stage in the game, Zed’s strength is sufficient for him to snowball the whole match. Build The Collector in direct range to better assist you in executing targets. 

The next ability, Serylda’s Grudge, will provide a slow to all of your destructive skills while also increasing the amount of armor penetration you have. 

The next step is to finish it off with an Edge of Night to give it more lethality, damage, and a passive spell shield. You can replace Edge of Night with a Guardian Angel if the opposing side does not have a mage in their team.


Zed is a powerful early and mid lane champion whose roaming powers allow him to apply pressure to the fight. Zed’s kit is built for spectacular outplays and provides a wide variety of options for evading or eliminating an opponent. 

Zed’s enormous damage output eliminates problem carries in whatever teamfight they appear in, making him one of the worst nightmares imaginable for AD carries. 

When Zed engages in split pushing, he has the ability to offer up opportunities for objectives that your team may then pursue. Zed is your man if you want to have a wonderful time playing an assassin and feel incredibly cool while you’re doing it.

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