Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Jerry Moran is ahead among the Republicans

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Jerry Moran and Mark Holland Win the Republican and Democratic Party’s Nominations Respectively

June 15th

The Kansas senate elections are going to take place in November 2022. Republican and Incumbent Jerry Moran is seeking re-election to a third term in office.

The primary election are scheduled for August 2nd.

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Republican Primary

  • Joan Farr, Independent candidate of Oklahoma
  • Jerry Moran, Incumbent US Senator

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Democratic Primary

  • Mark Holland, Former mayor of Kansas city
  • Michael Soetaert, Former Republican Candidate Kansas 1st congressional district in 2020
  • Mike Andra, Farmer
  • Patrick Wiesner, Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Paul Buskrik, Educator
  • Robert Klingenberg, Salesman

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Latest Polls

No Polls are conducted for the Kansas Senate election in 2022

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Google Trends, Republican Candidates

Date Joan Farr Jerry Moran
June 15th 100%

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Social Media sentiments, Republican Candidates

Date Joan Farr Jerry Moran
June 15th -38%

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Google Trends, Democratic Candidates

Date Mark Holland Michael Soetaert
June 15th 100%

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Social Media Sentiments, Democratic Candidates

Date Holland Soetaert Wiesner Buskrik
June 15th +25%

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Latest News


Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Latest Video

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Last Elections

The Last Election was held on November 8th, 2016 Republican Jerry Moran won the polls for a second term in the office. Moran won the polls with a huge margin with 62% vote share. Meanwhile, Democrat Patrick Wiesner got 32% of the votes in the Senate elections.

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the terms for Kansas state senator?

  • Every member of the senate are elected to four year terms. There is no limit to serving the senator. The Kansas senate meet the state capitol in Topeka.

How many Terms the senator have?

  • The senators have two third of members of both houses and senate with the two consecutive terms and Members of the House of Representatives to six full, consecutive terms.

Where is Jerry Moran from?

  • Jerry Moran is from Great bend, Barton County, Kansas. The place got its name for its location at the point where the course of the Arkansas River bends east then southeast.

Kansas Senate Polls 2022: Demographics

Demographic Proportion
White 82%
Black and African American 5%
Two or more races 4%
Asian 2%
Other Races 2.71%
Native American 0.76%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 0.08%

The Total Population of Kansas as per 2010 census is 2,911,641 which also ranks 31st among the 50 states in the US.

Kansas is located in the center of the US. Kansas is the 15th largest state of the country area wise. Kansas ranks 33rd when it comes to population. The overall area surface 82,277 square miles

The most populous city in Kansas is Wichita with a population of 389,000 overland park, Kansas city and Topeka.

The median age population in Kansas is 36 years of age. The female population is 50% and the male population is 49%.

As per religious preferences, Kansas has seen 76% Christian population, 4% non-Christian faith, 20% unaffiliated with any religion.

Kansas is home to one of the diverse set of native American tribes. The name Kansas is derived from the Kansa tribe which originally belonged to the state. Currently, 87% of the Kansas population is identified as the white, American-Indian, and Alaskan native population is found 1%.

Around 11% of the Kansas population have Hispanic or Latino origin of any race.

Many people of Mexican descent live primarily in southwest Kansas and account for up to half of the population in some counties. African-Americans in Kansas are descended from Exodusters.

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Kansas Senate Polls 2022

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