LA Times Crossword Answers (Thursday July 28th, 2022) Los Angeles Times Clues Solutions


LA Times Crossword Today Answer Release, check Thursday Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword puzzles clues with solution list- The LATimes Crossword is a puzzle that is published in newspapers, LA Times Crossword news websites of the Los Angeles Times, and also on mobile applications. Today puzzles were created by Jamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris. On this page, we listed all LA Times Crossword answers & clues (07/28/2022), all solved and unsolved clues with answers solution archive, and complete instructions about how to play LA Times Crossword puzzles daily.

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LA Times Crossword Game Answers Today

Today puzzles were created by Jamey Smith/ Ed. Rich Norris. Daily Free LA Crossword puzzles have earned their devoted fans throughout these decades, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack solve the puzzle using clues. So here we come with correct answers to all cross clues puzzles with a solutions list. We’ll daily update this page and publish recent solutions so don’t forget to bookmark this page by pressing CTRL + D. Below we mentioned the highlights of LATimes the Daily Crossword Free puzzles Game solutions archive list then, you can check LA Times Crossword corner recent solutions-

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LA Times Crossword Answers, Loss Angeles times daily crossword puzzle games clues

*LATimes crossword clue answers with answers added today

LA Times Daily Crossword today answer (July 28, 2022)

Here we mentioned the all-word answers Today. The clues given below are in the order they appeared. This page is updated on a daily basis so don’t forget to visit daily and check the correct answers of today’s Los Angeles times Daily Crossword corner puzzles 2022. All the Los Angeles Times Crossword corner solution lists have been tested by our team and are 100% correct.


LA Times Crossword Daily Puzzle- Answers- July 28, 2022- Across

  • Furnish funds for ENDOW
  • Sleep restlessly TOSS
  • Three-time Olympic gold medalist Devers GAIL
  • Jewelers glass LOUPE
  • Dance that tells a story HULA
  • Breaking Bad Emmy winner Gunn ANNA
  • *Lord of the grill? BROILBARON
  • Wine list heading REDS
  • Small batteries AAS
  • Subdivision divisions LOTS
  • Fake eyelash informally FALSIE
  • No warranties ASIS
  • Went around ORBITED
  • *Some spring newlyweds? BRIDESOFMARCH
  • Borrower LENDEE
  • The Chi creator Waithe LENA
  • Text an embarrassing screenshot to the wrong person say ERR
  • Pre-K basics ABCS
  • Sports radio host Patrick DAN
  • H.S. exam PSAT
  • Caught you! HAH
  • Rip-off SCAM
  • __ solution SALINE
  • *Warning words from one holding the reins? BRIDLETHREATS
  • Please let me give it a go MAYITRY
  • Pond plant REED
  • The Ranch actress Cuthbert ELISHA
  • Apple variety GALA
  • Rio automaker KIA
  • Skating site RINK
  • Harbingers of lower temperatures and a hint to the answers to the starred clues COLDFRONTS
  • Peniston with the Top 10 hit Finally CECE
  • __-slapper KNEE
  • Wed UNITE
  • How most TV shows air INHD
  • Tournament ranking SEED
  • Triumphant April Fools Day cry GOTYA

LA Times Crossword Daily puzzle- Answers- July 28, 2022- Down

  • Island in a classic palindrome ELBA
  • Comedy Centrals Awkwafina Is __ From Queens NORA
  • Pairs DUOS
  • Big name in nail polish OPI
  • Maybe yes maybe no WELLSEE
  • Oh really? THATSO
  • Sharing word OURS
  • __ Pitch: Canadian web series about softball SLO
  • Bay city briefly SANFRAN
  • Aioli base GARLIC
  • Prime number? ANESTHESIA
  • Not mainstream INDIE
  • Cut with light LASED
  • Capital known as The City of Trees BOISE
  • Syllables in an incantation ABRA
  • Throws in ADDS
  • Black cat to some OMEN
  • Meh BLAH
  • Queen of Country McEntire REBA
  • Slowly but surely INCHBYINCH
  • Moth attractor FLAME
  • Harangue RANT
  • GPS lines RTES
  • Tyne of Judging Amy DALY
  • Begged PLED
  • Jedi enemy SITH
  • Classic music libraries? CDRACKS
  • __ life SHELF
  • Accent piece AREARUG
  • Gambled RISKED
  • Available on the stock exchange TRADED
  • __ beaucoup MERCI
  • Unrecognizable ALIEN
  • Sheer delight GLEE
  • Work on a muffler say KNIT
  • __-bitty ITTY
  • Between ports ASEA
  • Low digit ONE
  • Artist Yoko ONO

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How to Play LATimes Daily Crossword Puzzle Game

The LA Times Crossword puzzles publish on Thursday in every LAT newspaper, L.A Times website and on the official android app for free. Here you can follow the complete instruction about how to play the LA Times Crossword corner puzzle game (  on a web browser-

  • Open the official website of LA times game i.e on your browser.
  • Log in to your Los Angeles Times account.
  • Then starting playing

A new Los Angeles Times Crossword corner will be available each day!


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