Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Peter Franchot ahead among the Democrats

Maryland Governor polls 2022: Kelly Schulz ahead in Republican Primary, 42% voters remains undecided.

June 1st

Maryland governor polls will be held on November 8, 2022, to elect the next governor. Republican Governor Larry Hogan will be not seeking the third term. The Democratic and Republican Primaries will take place on July 19th, 2022.

At the Presidential level, Maryland is mainly a Democrat state as there are a large number of Democrat voters in Washington DC and Baltimore city.

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Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Insights and Observations

  • Latest Polls Suggest Peter Franchot Win in Upcoming Democratic Primary. However, Non Profit Organization Leader Wes Moore and Former U.S. Labor Secretary are Gaining Grounds.
  • On the Other hand Large Number of Republican Voters Have not Made up their Mind. However, Latest polls Suggest Kelly Schulz Win.
  • Maryland Governor Seat is Currently with Republicans.
  • The Diversity Metrics of Maryland is Pretty Good. Racial Demographics of the State are Evenly Distributed.
  • Maryland has been a Democrats Stronghold for Many years.

Who is running the Maryland Governor race?

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Republican Candidates

  • Daniel Cox, State Delegate for the fourth district
  • Kelly Schulz, Former Maryland secretary of commerce
  • Robin Ficker, Attorney

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Democrat Candidate

  • Rushern Baker, Former Prince George county
  • Peter Franchot, Comptroller of Maryland
  • Wes Moore, Author and former CEO of Robinhood foundation
  • Tom Perez, former Democrat national committee chairman
  • John King Jr, Former US secretary of education

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Latest polls for Republican Candidate

Poll sources Dates Daniel Cox Kelly Schulz Undecided
Sun/UB poll Jun 2 21 27 42%
Public Policy Polling Jan 29th 20% 12% 68%

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Google Trends

Daniel Cox Kelly Schulz Robin Ficker
June 26th 4% 64% 32%
June 1st 76% 23%
May 31st 7% 92%
May 28th 10% 89%
May 20th 5% 94%

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Social media sentiments

Daniel Cox Kelly Schulz Robin Ficker
June 26th +1.3% -5.3% -5.9%
June 1st +11% +10% -49%
May 31st +8% +10%
May 28th +9% -46%
May 19th +10% -20%

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Democrat Primary Polls

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Google Trends

Rushern Baker Peter Franchot Wes Moore John King Jr Tom Perez
June 26th 10% 24% 40% 7% 19%
June 1st 5% 18% 47% 6% 22%
May 31st 5% 27% 67%
May 28th 7% 28% 63%
May 20th 15% 26% 58%

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Social Media Sentiments

Rushern Baker Peter Franchot Wes Moore John King Jr Tom Perez
June 26th -11.11% -2.7% +9.35 +10.3% +6.2%
June 1st +4% -24% +6% +13% +15%
May 31st +4% -26% +4%
May 28th +2% -4%
May 19th +11% -8% +11%

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Latest News

Maryland Governor Polls 2022:Latest videos

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Maryland Governor Polls 2022:Latest Tweets

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Last Elections

The last Maryland governor race happened on November 6th, 2018. The incumbent governor Larry Hogan won the Elections by 1,275,644. Whereas Democrat Ben Jealous lost the elections against republican Larry Hogan by 43.5%. Larry Hogan Thus became Governor for the second time in Maryland.

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Frequently Asked Question

How long is the Maryland governor’s term?

  • Maryland governor is elected for a four-year term by popular votes. They take charge in the third week of January as per the election. No governor can serve for more than two terms.

How powerful is the US state Governor?

  • The US governor is the head of the government executive branch in all states and territories. It depends upon the government and jurisdiction that the power of appointment of many officials and considering the role of legislation.

Maryland Governor Polls 2022: Demographics

Demographic Proportion
White 55.54%
Black /African American 29.89%
Asian 6.28%
Native Hawaiian 0.28%
Native American 0.05%

Maryland is one of the smallest states situated on the eastern tip of the USA. The overall population of Maryland is 5,773,552. Maryland is only the 42nd largest state in the USA in terms of land mass. It is, however, one of the most populous and most densely populated states in the whole country. The overall population is estimated at over 6 million people in the state, which makes it the 19th most populous state in the USA.

The median age in Maryland is approximately 38.3 years of age. The Maryland state’s gender ratio is 51.6% females and 48.4% males. The Maryland religion-based population is divided by 69% affiliated with a Christian-based faith, 8% identifying with non-Christian-based faiths, and 23% are not affiliated with any faith.

Around 645,000 residents of the Maryland population are foreign born most of the population is Asian and Latin American. Around 4% of the Maryland population are immigrants. In this region, Hispanics and Latinos of any race make up about 9.5% of the total population. As per the current data, a full 58% of the population under the age of 1 were classified as non-white.

In Maryland with a population of Hispanics, Asians, and Africans, this state has the 5th largest proportion of minorities in the USA. This state also has communities of Irish Americans located in the Baltimore area, Western Maryland, and the suburbs of Washington DC.

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