Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Eric Schmitt to Win GOP Primary while Trudy Busch Valentine ahead among the Democrats

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Eric Schmitt ahead among the Republicans while Trudy Busch Valentine is well positioned to win the Democratic Party’s Primary Race.

The Missouri Senate elections will be held on November 8th, 2022. The current incumbent is Roy blunt. Last year Roy Blunt announced that he will not run for re-election. The Primaries will be held on August 2nd, 2022.

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Republican Primary

The Republican field is overcrowded with over 20 candidates running for the GOP nomination. Below are the names of the candidates who could win 5% or more vote share.

  • Eric Greitens, Governor of Missouri
  • Vicky Hartzler, US Representative from Missouri’s 4th congressional district
  • Billy Long, auctioneer and US Representative from Missouri 7th congressional district
  • Mark McCloskey, Attorney
  • Eric S Schmitt, Missouri Attorney

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Democrat Primary

  • Lucas Kunce, National Security Director of American Economic Liberties
  • Gena Ross, College Professor
  • Spencer Toder, Entrepreneur
  • Trudy Valentine, Nurse

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Latest Missouri GOP Primary Polls

The upcoming Missouri GOP Primary election is turning out to be a fight between the top three candidates, Eric Schmitt, Eric Greitens, and Vicky Hartzler. Currently, Eric Schmitt is ahead in the polls and is well positioned to win the upcoming GOP Primary race.

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Google Trends, Republican Primary

Date Greitens Hartzler Schmitt
July 27th 41% 26% 33%

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: GOP Social Media Sentiments

Date Greitens Hartzler Schmitt
July 27th 41% 26% 33%

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Latest Democratic Party’s Polls

The Democratic field is not much crowded. Three candidates are in fray for the Democratic Party’s nomination. The polls have given Trudy Busch Valentina an edge over the rest of the Democratic Party candidates,

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Google Trends, Democratic Primary

Date Lucas Kunce Spencer Toder Trudy Valentine
July 27th 33% 7% 60%

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Social Media Sentiments

Date Kunce Toder Valentine
June 15th -4% -25% +47%

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Latest Videos

YouTube video

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by Trudy Busch Valentine (@buschvalentine) on July 26, 2022.

It is a true honor to be endorsed by @314action. Our country is facing a healthcare crisis and a climate emergency. We need more people in the U.S. Senate who follow scientific facts and have the courage to fight for real solutions. #ElectScientists


Originally tweeted by T.J. Moe (@TJMoe28) on July 26, 2022.

Eric Schmitt

Fought against:
-forced masking in schools
-Mask mandates in local Gov
-vax mandate nationally
– CRT in schools

-Sued to secure southern border
-sued China for lab leak
-declared MO pro-life 6 min after Roe overturned

It’s not close.@Eric_Schmitt is the guy

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Last Elections

The last election was held on November 8th, 2016. Republican Roy Blunt won the re-election and got a second term to serve the state. Blunt won by 49% percent of the vote share whereas his opponent Jason Kander lost the election by a small margin. Democrat Jason Kander got 46% of the vote share in Missouri.

Missouri Senate Polls 2022: Demographics

Demographics Proportions
White 81%
Black and African American 11%
Two or more races 3%
Asian 2%
Other races 1%
Native American 0.40%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders 0.15%

Missouri is a Landlocked State situated in the midwest of the United States. As per the 2010 census, Missouri is the 18th most populous state in the United States.

As per the census Missouri’s Population is around 5,988,927, which represented an increase of 7%.

There are four of the largest cities in Missouri St Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia.

The median age in Missouri is approximately 38.3 years of age. The ratio of females to males is approximately 50.9% female and 49.1%, male.

Religiously the state’s population, we can see 77% have an affiliation with a Christian-based faith, 3% are involved in non-Christian-based faiths, and 20% are unaffiliated with any faith in particular.

In Missouri, there are German with 27.4%, Irish with 14.8%, English with 10.2%, American with 8.5%, and French with 3.7%. A large percentage of Missourians are of German ancestry and are present throughout the state. African Americans are also a large part of the population of Missouri’s largest urban area, St. Louis, accounting for 56.6% of the state’s total African American population.

The City is home to a large and growing community of Latin American immigrants, as well as immigrants from Africa. There is also a huge population of Cherokee Indians in Missouri. Missouri has seen an increase in the rise of the Hispanic population.

Will Demographics Have an Impact?

Likely answer- Yes. Missouri has been the bastion for Republican Party. One of the Foremost Reason- The Majority of the Population of Missouri State are of White Ethnicity. 81% of Population Accounts for White People. Republican Party has an Edge in Missouri.

Missouri Senate Race: Voting Pattern of Four Largest County in Last Election:

Clayton County: Important City- St Louis

Republican Party Democratic Party
44.7% 50.2%

Jackson County: Important City- Kansas City

Republican Party Democratic Party
34.2% 61.3%

Greene County: Important City- Springfield

Republican Party Democratic Party
56.2% 39.3%

Boone County: Important City- Columbia

Republican Party Democratic Party
41.1% 54.3%

Crowdwisdom Analysis: Three of the four largest counties were won by the Democrats in the last Election. However, Republicans’ success lies in winning 109 out of 114 Counties.

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Missouri Senate Polls 2022

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