Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Mike DeWine Likely to Retain Ohio Governor Position

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Mike DeWine Likely to Retain Ohio Governor Position

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Mike Dewine has a massive lead over Nan Whaley as per the latest polls.
Google Search Trends: As per google search volumes Mike Dewine is ahead of Nan Whaley.

Social Media Sentiments: The Net Sentiments of Mike Dewine are worst compared to Nan Whaley.

The 2022 Ohio Governor Election is set to take place on November 8th, 2022. The Primary election was conducted on May 3rd, 2022. Both the Republican and the Democratic Party’s primary election was completely one-sided. Governor DeWine won the primary election by a margin of 20 points against his closest rival Jim Renacci.

Nan Whaley on the other hand registered a thumping win over her rival John Cranley. Nan Whaley secured around 65% of the total votes polled.

Ohio Governor Polls 2022: Latest Polls

For the upcoming November 8th Ohio Governor election, no polls have been conducted as of now. In August 2021 Redfield and Wilton Strategies published a poll for the November 8th election. The poll gave the incumbent Governor DeWine a massive 19 points lead over his challenger Nan Whaley.

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Google Search Trends, General Election

Date June 25th
Mike DeWine 85%
Nan Whaley 14%
Date June 21st
Mike DeWine 93%
Nan Whaley 6%

Ohio Governor Race Polls 2022: General Election, Net Social Media Sentiment

Date June 25th
Mike DeWine -36%
Nan Whaley +14%
Date June 21st
Mike DeWine -33%
Nan Whaley -35%

Ohio Governor Race 2022: Latest News

  1. DeWine urges civility and respect following Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade
  2. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine pledges more resources and urges Ohioans to “pull together” after SCOTUS overturns Roe v. Wade
  3. Gov. Mike DeWine explains what’s next for abortion laws in Ohio after Supreme Court decision
  4. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine addresses Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade
  5. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine considering Biden request that states suspend gas taxes
  6. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine reveals rehab projects for 10 historic buildings in Northeast Ohio: See which locations are included
  7. DeWine wants answers relating to Ohio power outages

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Latest Videos

YouTube video

YouTube video

Ohio Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Ohio Governor Race 2022: Ohio Governor Candidates

Republican Candidates

  • Mike DeWine, incumbent Governor of Ohio (2019–present)
  • Jim Renacci, former U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 16th congressional district (2011–2019) and nominee for U.S. Senate in 2018
  • Joe Blystone is a Farmer
  • Ron Hood, Former State Representative from the 78 district

Democratic Party Candidates

  • John Cranley, Mayor of Cincinnati (2013–2022)
  • Nan Whaley, Mayor of Dayton (2014–2022)

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Republican Polls

Date Mike DeWine Jim Renacci
Average of Polls May 3rd 45%
Trafalgar May 1st 47% 27%
Emerson April 29th 45% 30%
Fox News April 24th 43% 24%
Total Votes Received Vote Percent
Mike DeWine 514,374 48.1%
Jim Renacci 299,515 28.0%
Joe Blystone 232,716 21.8%
Ron Hood 22,212 2.1%

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: Democrat Polls

Ohio Governor Polls: Actual Result Democrats

Total Votes Received Vote Percent 
Nan Whaley 326,329 65% 
John Cranley 175,771 35% 

Racial Demographics of Ohio as per the ACS

Ohio has rapidly turned right as Democrats have lost votes in their working-class strongholds in North West Ohio, especially in Mahoning and Trumbull counties. Both counties swung over 25 points in 2020 from 2012 when Obama won the state thanks to his margins in counties like these. Similar to other states, Democrats have made improvements in educated places – the most educated county in the state, Delaware County, and the northern suburbs of Columbus have swung to the left rapidly along with Hamilton County, home to Cincinnati which was unusually conservative for an urban county pre-Trump.

Democrats have to rely on improving margins in the North West and along Lake Erie if they want to have any chance of retaking the governor’s office. White votes remain a large majority and it’s the same case in both party’s primaries. Non-white voters are a pivotal voting bloc for Democrats.

Ohio Governor Race 2022 Polls: DeWine may lose Primary to Jim Renacci

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