Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Will Christine Drazan Win the Governor Race?

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: As per the polls Drazan has an edge over Kotek and Johnson.

Google Search Trends: As per the latest data the search volume for Johnson is increasing.

Social Media Sentiments: Republican Christine Drazan and Betsey Johnson has negative sentiment while Democrat Tina Kotek has positive sentiments.

June 25th

The Oregon Governor Race will be held on November 8th, 2022 to elect the member as governor of Oregon. In 2015, incumbent Kate Brown took charge of the office. Brown will not be contesting re-elections due to two terms limit.

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Polls

Poll Source Date
Nelson Research May 27th
Tina Kotek 28%
Christine Drazan 30%
Betsey Johnson 19%
The Reaction of Leaders to Making Abortion illegal
Tina Kotek
Tina Kotek said, the Right to the body and future is taken away. I am really worried about women. Here in Oregon people needs to know that abortion access is protected. As a Speaker of the house, I worked to clear countries’ strongest reproductive health laws and also ensure that abortion will be protected here, no matter what the Supreme Court implements.
Christine Drazan
Drazan said Oregon will continue to have the most extreme law in the United States and around the world. She also said I will always stand for life and reject the legislation designed to push Oregon further outside the mainstream.
Betsey Johnson
Betsey Johnson said she is pro-choice which is an important issue for her. Johnson also said I will always defend and protect women’s right to choose.

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Google Search, Kotek vs Drazan

Date June 25th
Tina Kotek 27%
Christine Drazan 27%
Betsey Johnson 44%
Date June 22nd
Tina Kotek 36%
Christine Drazan 26%
Betsey Johnson 36%

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Social Media Net Sentiment, Drazan vs Kotek

Date June 25th
Tina Kotek +7%
Christine Drazan -42%
Betsey Johnson -34%
Date June 22nd
Tina Kotek +5%
Christine Drazan -22%
Betsey Johnson -26%

On Social Media, Tina Kotek is trailing Christine Drazan at the moment.

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Videos

YouTube video

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest Tweets

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Latest News

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  2. Supreme Court abortion decision: What happens in Oregon
  3. Oregon Gubernatorial Candidates Spar Over U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Reverse Roe v. Wade
  4. Governor candidates make rare pitch to Eastern Oregon
  5. Why Oregon’s voter turnout hit its highest levels for a gubernatorial primary since 2010
  6. Christine Drazan Banks $250,000 Check From Republican Governors Assocation
  7. Two Former GOP Candidates Split Over General Election Endorsements
  8. Progressive Democrats and the 2022 midterm elections

Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Demographics

Demographic Proportion
White 84.89%
Black or African 1.90%
Asian 4.37%
Native American 1.16%
Native Hawaiian 0.40%

As per the United State census, the total population of Oregon was 4,237,256 by 2020, and compared to the last census conducted in 2010 it has increased up to 10.17%.

According to the 2020 census, 13% of Oregon’s population is of Hispanic or Latino origin. In Oregon, the Mexican population is up to 10%, Puerto Rican 0.3%, and Cuban 0.1%. Portland is Oregon’s most diverse area while there are high concentrations of Mexican-Americans in Jefferson and Malheur counties.

The majority of the population is situated in Portland as it is located in the metro area. Oregon ranks 12th among the Asian American population and 10th among the Native American population. Oregon has one of the lowest populations of African American origin. This makes Oregon the 39th most densely populated state.

As per 2004 data, Oregon’s foreign-born population exceeds 300,000 and accounts for almost 9% of the total population.

There are five major ancestries living in Oregon majorly white: German with 19%, Irish with 11%, English with 11%, American with 5%, and Norwegian with 3%.

In the Oregon median age of the gender, the population is 39 years of age. The ratio of the female population is 50% and males with 49% as per the current data.

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Oregon Governor Race Polls 2022: Christine Drazan could become the first GOP Governor in 35 years

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