June 25, 2022

Advertising is everywhere. It’s on the internet, in magazines and newspapers, on TV, radio has even invaded our social media feeds with sponsored posts.

You can’t avoid advertising anymore. That means that it’s hard to know if you’re getting the truth or just a sales pitch when you see an ad.

Should advertising be banned
Should advertising be banned?

Should advertising be banned? We think so! The best way to stop being lied to by companies is to not listen at all. This book tells the whole story about why we need advertising bans now more than ever before!

Why is advertising bad?

There are a lot of reasons why it is bad. Advertising can hurt many things such as freedom, our perception of reality and the health of every person around the globe.

In modern day societies we have advertisements literally everywhere. They come in all different forms from billboards to magazine ads to internet banner ads.

Advertisements impact people in a lot of ways. It keeps us brainwashed which makes us think this way of life is correct when it’s not even close to being right by any means, also they make us mislead by creating products that cause harm but with beautiful advertising  and commercials they make them look like they’re completely harmless when in fact they’re full with violence and glamorizing it.

Why is advertising bad
Why is advertising bad?

The advertisements are the ones that are leading young adults into violence when they think being violent is cool in any way.

It also gives people wrong expectations of what to look for in life, example: makeup ads makes girls think they have to wear so much makeup or else they don’t look pretty enough which makes girls feel insecure about themselves and want to purchase things because of how society tells them they’re not “good enough” without all this expensive products when in fact their good enough just the way they are.

How does it affect society?

It affects society in a lot of ways.

Firstly, advertisements have the power to change the way people act in public. When people see ads that are promoting anti-social behaviour or violence they will slowly start to do these things themselves because it is being taught to them through advertisement which makes them think this is how people talk, act and behave when in fact it’s not.

Secondly, it has an affect on us emotionally. People are being advertised so much that they start to think this is reality which isn’t, our society already gives enough information for us to find out what reality really looks like instead of creating one through advertisement making everyone feel lost because there’s no one real answer anymore.

Finally, advertisements change our perception of reality. Since advertisement is everywhere it keeps people distracted from what’s really going on in the world which makes them think there isn’t any problems for example like animal abuse, environmental issues or even wars when in fact they exist and a lot of people are dying every day because of those things so we have to stop accepting advertisements as a normal thing and see them as something that screws up our mind because it definitely does.

Advertising has affected us so much that today if you don’t have one you’re literally nobody no matter how talented, smart or creative you may be, unless you have money of course then everything will work out wonderfully for you . It’s all about money now not talent anymore, I’m pretty sure this was never supposed to be how life worked out.

Advertising has evolved a lot throughout history and it keeps on getting worse day by day. It’s our responsibility to take a stand against all of this madness and stop taking advertisements in for granted because in the end, they’re just ads which means they’re not real at all.

How does it affect society
How does it affect society?

There are way too many things happening right now that need our attention but we can’t seem to find time for them since we keep staring at the television or computer screens with advertisement playing over and over again giving us false information about what is going on with people around us which is pretty much nothing since everyone is busy buying stuff online with fake advertisement campaigns trying to make people buy their products when in fact you can create most of these things yourself with a little imagination and creativity.

A life without advertisement can be possible, if we all start using our talents and creative skills to create new products instead of paying for them this would actually help out the world not destroy it like advertisement does sometimes when people think they need something when in fact they don’t but the advertising made them think that way which is pretty much brainwashing.

The power is literally in our hands to change everything around us, you just have to take the first step towards this goal because nobody will do it for you except yourself which means you’re the only one who can make changes in your own life so why not make society better while you’re at it?

We are literally being misinformed every single day through beautiful yet destructive advertisement campaigns that we don’t even realize it.

Take a stand against advertisement and create something new, show the world what you can do instead of believing everything you see on television or online because most likely they will lead to disappointments when in fact if you take some time out from your busy life to really think about it every single thing is possible all you have to do is put some creativity into it and never stop dreaming no matter how cheesy that sounds because it’s true.


What are some alternatives to advertising?

Advertising is a way of trying to sell consumers on the idea of buying certain products. It is not an official form of currency as it does not cause inflation or increase supply.

Alternative ways include:

  • Encourage people to make their own product and sell them at stores or online etc.
  • Posters can be used instead of advertisements.
  • Sponsorship, which is becoming more and more popular through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram (and soon Facebook). Companies can sponsor hashtags that they find interesting or relevant, and then use those hashtags in their social marketing campaigns for specific products. This also helps give customers authority by making them feel like they are using/wearing something endorsed by someone they look up to (celebrities, athletes, etc.) -Giveaways to encourage sales.

The alternative options are not perfect but they could help us to get rid of advertisement for good.

Advertising causes inflation because if the company is selling something that is overpriced it will make people think that everyone has to buy their product or else they will be missing out. This causes inflation because other companies will jump on the bandwagon and start selling an item for more than what it should actually cost just so that they can keep up with the competition which means just them trying to sell more stuff.

That’s how advertisement destroys our economy, by causing unnecessary spending and misinformed decisions based on what the advertisement says not what’s really going on in society making people do things without thinking clearly about what they’re doing or if that is the right thing to do.

What are some alternatives to advertising
What are some alternatives to advertising?

Advertising also causes inflation because more and more people will want to buy an item after they see an advertisement for it and this causes those items to go up in price as well as those who are selling them make a bigger profit but the problem is they don’t really need it.

This brings us back to the beginning of how advertising causes inflation through misinformed customers who think they need something when in fact the truth is most likely something completely different from what you saw on TV or online which means you were deceived by advertisement trying to make you think that you need their product when in fact there are alternatives out there that would actually benefit society of destroy it.

Basically advertising is false advertisement in which it misinforms us to make us believe that we need certain items when there are actually alternatives out there that are just as good or better than what they are selling.

Therefore advertising causes inflation because after an advertisement is on TV for a while the item starts selling more and since it’s being sold by more people the price of the product keeps going up making it harder for families to get by.

Is there a way for advertising to be good in the future?

No, not as long as there is money.

What we should do instead is to be creative and find alternatives that allow us to still sell our products without false advertisement. That way we can actually keep our economy afloat and make sure people don’t become misinformed which will make them think they need something when in fact it’s not required for survival or even daily life (like those crazy hair straighteners) .

When you stop advertising your product the item will sell less because people won’t know about it anymore but this would help prevent inflation and help society thrive more than just having a bunch of ignorant sheep thinking they need things they really don’t need.

Money has corrupted the system and continues to so even now after we’ve been trying to remove it from society for a while, but money is the source of evil and greed -not just advertisement.

No advertising should be banned because companies need to inform customers about their products or else they will have no sales which means that everyone will suffer. If we ban advertisements then businesses will not be able create jobs because people will not buy anything without being told first what they are buying and why they should buy said product/service.

Advertising helps us make better choices as consumers because if we don’t know what the product does or how it works then how can we make a choice on whether or not we want to even try the item before wasting our time and money on something that isn’t going to work?

Is there a way for advertising to be good in the future
Is there a way for advertising to be good in the future?

People won’t feel the need to seek out the information because they’ll be told right from the get go how everything works and if it’s worth buying or not which means that unemployment will rise, money won’t circulate as much because less people would buy these products in a store which in turn wouldn’t create jobs in a business setting making people even more unemployed.

It seems you’re saying that advertising should just disappear but then again if that were the case then companies would have nothing to sell and yet you don’t want them to shut down because that would make everyone suffer with no sales whatsoever. But maybe you think advertisements should only show helpful information so consumers can be more informed on what they are buying, but do you really think this is possible?

This sounds too idealistic to be true without some change to society like removing money completely which is very unrealistic. How would consumers know (however they do) that the information given by an advertisement that you don’t see as false or misleading is actually helpful?

I mean how are consumers supposed to decipher what’s the truth and what isn’t? That doesn’t seem possible since even if they find one ad not doing its job of providing correct information (not purposely deceiving people) then why should we trust every other ad out there without knowing for sure about their intentions?

What would happen if we banned all forms of advertising – what are the consequences and benefits?

Advertising helps companies and businesses promote their product or service to consumers without it , who would know that said business was even around? If we cut off all sources of advertising then companies will not be able to sell anything and thus, there will be no jobs.

People need jobs in order to survive so by cutting off advertising you are putting everyone out of a job which means they don’t get paid and subsequently can’t buy food or other necessary items. This is the same as banning money because if people don’t have a way of buying things than everything will shut down and society will fail.

You’re right though if we ban all forms of advertisement then companies won’t be able to sell products anymore which mean s that there would be no jobs and that there would be no point in having a business if it can’t make money. Also, advertisement is the only way companies can get their product to consumers without it , who will know about these products?

If we cut off all sources of advertising then companies won’t have a means of selling anything so therefore they wouldn’t be able to have an income which means they couldn’t hire people meaning unemployment would rise. Giving everyone a job is very important because if people don’t have any work than what are they going to do with their time?

They’ll become bored and laze around at home doing nothing or worse yet, do crimes for excitement or money to buy things which puts them into jail where society has to pay for their food and clothing. Without jobs, money wouldn’t be circulated as much which means that businesses won’t make enough money to sell any product or service because they’d have no one to buy it.

This would create more unemployment meaning people lose their jobs and can’t find new ones. Also, where would the income for all these companies come from if the only source of income is selling items? There has to be a way for business owners to make money so they can hire workers who in turn will buy things so other businesses can also have money coming in.

What would happen if we banned all forms of advertising - what are the consequences and benefits
What would happen if we banned all forms of advertising – what are the consequences and benefits?

Advertising could be seen as deceitful but it’s not always maliciously meant by companies so banning all forms of advertising wouldn’t solve anything . For example, an advertiser might say that their shampoo will make your hair soft, but more often than not the advertiser is just using a shampoo that they personally think helps their own hair which doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for everyone.

In addition, companies may try to share scientific studies and research about their product in order to back up their claims with facts; however these information s c an be false or misleading due to misinterpretation and also biasness in the methods of how the data was collected and presented. Therefore we shouldn’t trust everything we see in advertisements because it can be deceiving.

You’re right when you say that not all advertisement is bad but why should we risk our lives by allowing any forms of advertisement? Banning forms would stop people from losing jobs and help with unemployment, but it is also important to consider whether or not people will be mislead by adverts.

If companies are being deceitful then they should most definitely be held accountable for their actions but do they really deserve death? Advertising helps companies sell products so if we stop advertising wouldn’t the economy fail and society melt down? Not having advertisement would stop jobs from being created which means no one can have an income which in return stops money from being circulated.

Businesses need to make money in order to have jobs for people who in turn use that money to buy things like food and clothing; therefore cutting off all forms of advertisement would mean that businesses couldn’t make any money because there’s no way for anyone to know about their product; this would lower everyone’s income and society would collapse.

The only source of money for businesses is selling items; without it, there wouldn’t be enough money to hire people and provide them with work; therefore we need advertisement in order to keep everyone employed and society functional. You should consider the fact that advertisements can be misleading and if companies are trying to deceive you then they should definitely be held accountable but don’t ban all forms of advertising because other things could come from it like unemployment!


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