Solana Price Analysis for Next 24 Hours: Will SOL Crash Below $40?

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The overall crypto market is once again trading lower with major cryptos like Bitcoin, ETH, and Solana losing momentum.

In the last 24 hours, Solana has lost over 5% of its value. The trading volume of Solana has crashed and there have been no signs of recovery. Currently, Solana is trading marginally over $40, and there are high chances of SOL prices crashing below $40 if the market condition does not improve.

Solana remains the 9th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. The overall market cap of Solana is $14.03 B*. In the last 24 hours, the net social media sentiment for Solana has changed from positive to negative.

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Solana Price Analysis: Total Market Cap and Trading Volume

Value Trend
Market Cap $ 14.04 B Lower
Trading Volume $ 1.09 B Lower

Solana Price Analysis Twitter Buzz

Originally tweeted by Solana Fear & Greed Index (@SolanaFear) on August 2, 2022.

Solana Fear and Greed Index is 42 ~ Neutral
Current price: $41


Originally tweeted by OTBalance (tweets ≠ financial advice) (@BalanceOt) on August 2, 2022.


#AI look at daily charts $SOL #SOL

According to the daily chart, SOL/USD is trading at an up sloping, broadening channel. Price moved back from…

Just choose your coin and be an expert!
#crypto #trading



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Solana Price Analysis: Reddit Discussion

Reddit has been almost silent with respect to Solana. There is very less discussion about Solana and its future on the platform. One user on Reddit has pointed out that Solana has been getting a lot of hate and has witnessed a lot of bad press. One user claims that the Solana developers are doing something right which is throwing them under fire of bad press.

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