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Originally a Ukrainian folk chant about spring, the Christmas song reached its zenith with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s electric guitar-infused adaptation.

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Welcome to The 12 Days of Christmas Songs: an attempt to uncover the forgotten history of some of the most memorable festive tunes. From December 14 through 25, we’ll be tackling one secular song and one holy song each day.

Might “Carol of the Bells” be the most ironic holiday song there is? It purports to be a song about, well, bells, but its most popular versions instead feature human voices or electric guitars. Its lyrics describe silver bells intoning holiday cheer into every home, yet its melody suggests a force both relentless and mirthless. If you want a genuinely merry tune about the sound of ringing signaling the arrival of Christmas, go with “Silver Bells.” If, on the other hand, you’re trying to find fitting music for the scene where Tiny Tim dies of sickness and malnourishment while Scrooge counts his fortune,“Carol of the Bells” is perfect, right down to the low, funereal “Bohm” that concludes most choral versions of the song.

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Even without words, “Carol of the Bells” is laden with irony. The epic, Wagnerian Trans-Siberian Orchestra adaptation that’s packed arenas for the last decade takes as its subject a cellist playing Christmas carols in the town square of a devastated Sarajevo. “It was just such a powerful image,” said the TSO founder Paul O’Neill, “a white-haired man silhouetted against the cannon fire, playing timeless melodies to both sides of the conflict amid the rubble and devastation of the city he loves.” (The TSO version pairs the carol with “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” another song that draws inspiration from the dark and haunting elements of the Christmas story, as my colleague Emma Green has written.)

The song that would become “Carol of the Bells” began its life as a Ukrainian folk chant,“Shchedryk,” arranged into a choral composition in the early 20th century by the composer Mykola Leontovych. In the chant, which was originally sung to welcome spring, a swallow flies into a man’s house and tweets about imminent good fortune. (This would at least somewhat explain the frantic, haunting melody, inspired by a swallow’s song.) When another composer, Peter Wilhousky, heard a choir perform “Shchedryk,” he was supposedly reminded of ringing bells, and wrote the English lyrics to “Carol of the Bells” as a result. And here we are.

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For all its moody, dark ironies, “Carol of the Bells” is a consistently gorgeous song, eminently worthy of inclusion in the holiday canon, with no end of beautiful variations on its iconic four-note loop. My favorite comes from Wynton Marsalis, who spices up the song’s inherent melancholy into something twistier and more mischievous. It may not have any bells in it at all, but it certainly swings.

Top 13 versions of ‘Carol of the Bells’ to ring in the season.

“Carol of the bells” most famous version.

Capital Kings

Let’s simply kick this listing off with something different. This Christian Dubstep organization (seemingly a thing) drops the bass with this high-paced remix of the Christmas classic. Perfect if you’re maintaining a Christmas celebration with a bit less “silent night” and a bit extra headbanging.

Mormon Tabernacle Choir

A 360 man or woman choir, with a complete orchestra and dozens of bell ringers… if this doesn’t position you withinside the spirit, what will?

Straight No Chaser

Back earlier than companies like Pentatonix gave the net a cappella fever, there has been Straight No Chaser. In my opinion, there’s nevertheless no person who does it higher than the men out of Indiana University, and this rendition of Carol of the Bells will once more depart you scratching your head at simply how this is simply their voices.

Also even as you’re at it, make sure and appearance up their hilarious “12 Days of Christmas”… a real vacation classic.

The Piano Guys

From the men who could make cellos appear to be the best device round comes a driving, fast-moving model of the carol so one can make you want you hadn’t ceased the ones track classes in 8th grade.

Family Force 5

If you’ve ever heard Family Force 5’s techno, rock, grunge fashion you probably both love ‘em or hate ‘em. The same is going for this track. If you’re equipped to blast your audio system though and crank the ones flashing Christmas lights accelerate to the max, then you’ve been given your men.

Lindsey Stirling

Perhaps the finest profession to ever be released with the aid of using YouTube, the techno/hip hop/violinist Lindsey Stirling usually places such ardor into her track that you could actually sense it. All of her Christmas songs are really well worth a concentrate or ten, and this one is probably the best, seamlessly blending in some of different Christmas carols into this masterpiece: “Celtic Carol.”

Lindsey Stirling has dropped her new Christmas album and on its far her new edition of “Carol of the Bells” that’s similarly stunning, if now no longer extra effective than her first. It sincerely earns a gap at the listing and we’ll name it a Two-Way Lindsey Stirling tie for fifth!

Karol of the Bell (Krampus)

From the 2015 Christmas horror movie Krampus comes a darkish take at the carol. With redone lyrics to inform of the approaching of the fabled anti-Santa, this darkish reinterpretation places the creepy in Christmas.

Manheim Steamroller

When Mannheim Steamroller dropped their Christmas album in 1984, it modified the face of vacation track forever. What was once the area of choirs, carolers and Bing Crosby became now open to fashionable synth and pop.

Four years later, their model of “Carol of the Bells” proved that no person ought to do it pretty just like the authentic re-inventor of Yule Tide tunes.

US Air Force Band & Singing Sergeants

Hard to discover an extra stunning vocal rendition than this. Straight from The Santa Clause soundtrack, whilst you think “Carol of the Bells” you’re probably wondering about this model.

Honorable Mention

Before we end, right here are 3 that didn’t pretty make the listing:


Celtic Women

John Williams (Home Alone)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

If you made it this ways down the listing, you needed to wager with the aid of using now that this became quantity one. Officially titled “Christmas Eve/Sarajevo,” this track simply continues constructing and constructing to a heavy steel end that simplest the Wizards of Winter ought to pull off.

The track became surely at the beginning launched with the aid of using the organization Savatage and received such a reputation that the participants of the rock band went directly to shape the Trans-Siberian Orchestra to hold the season rocking.


I suppose that everybody has heard of Pentatonix and loves them. There are something fantastic approximately Acapella corporations, however, this institution has an aspect over different Acapella corporations in my humble opinion.

The truth that each sound on this model is made with the human mouth makes it that rather more impressive. This could be the correct tune to concentrate on as you force around searching at Christmas lights, a time commemorated way of life of the girls in my own circle of relatives.


This is a model maximum of you’ve got in all likelihood by no means heard of, and to be honest, is my all-time favorite model. Everfound is a Christian track institution that become based with the aid of using 3 brothers in Colorado. They do not have many albums out, however, what they do have is beautiful.

This is every other instrumental model and one that does not at once bring “Carol of the Bells” to mind. All I imagine once I pay attention to this tune is dancing around a golden ballroom in a first-rate dress; essentially that is the tune that I dance to once I picture myself in Beauty and the Beast (ordinary I know).

I in my opinion concentrate on this model of the tune during the whole 12 months, in an effort to me, this tune is ideal for pretty much each Christmas activity. That being said, I suppose going ice staking to this tune could be closest to my intellectual picture of dancing to this tune.

John Williams

It could be a sin now no longer to place the “Home Alone” model on the list. I suppose that each baby desires to look at this film at the least as soon as of their life, ideally as soon as 12 months at Christmas. My own circle of relatives watches this during the 12 months, to be honest.

F.A.Qs :

Who sings carol of the bells best?


What is “Carol of the Bells”?

“Carol of the Bells” is a famous Christmas carol, with tune via way of means of Ukrainian composer Mykola Leontovych in 1914 and lyrics via way of means of Peter J. Wilhousky. The track is primarily based totally at the Ukrainian people chant “Shchedryk”. The tune is withinside the public domain, Wilhousky’s lyrics are but below copyright protection (owned via way of means of Carl Fischer Music).

Fun facts about Carol of the Bells?

It turned into composed with the aid of using Mykola Leontovych, a Ukrainian composer. It is performed at some stage in the Christmas season of each year. It has been featured in lots of movies, in parodies and in tv programs. It has additionally been executed with the aid of using many musicians, which includes Johnny Mathis, The Carpenters, Destiny’s Child and Jessica Simpson.


Christmas songs are anywhere proper now. Every store, each eating place, and 1/2 of the radio stations are pumping withinside the yule pleasure 24/7. This can get you withinside the Christmas spirit or make you need to spend money on earmuffs.

After all, Christmas carols are everywhere on the map in phrases of quality. Some are superb and make you pine for December 25. Others have to be banned via way of means of American government (I’m searching at you “Christmas Shoes”).

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