June 25, 2022

We all know that having a great support team is important for any company, but it’s not easy to find good help include in League of Legends.

Most of the time you end up with an inexperienced and unqualified person who doesn’t understand your business or industry. They also don’t speak English very well which makes communication difficult. You want someone who understands your needs and can communicate clearly in English so you can focus on growing your business instead of dealing with customer service issues.

Lucian is a trusted remote support provider that works hard to solve problems quickly and efficiently by providing best-in-class technical expertise at affordable prices without sacrificing quality or experience so we give you top 8 best support with Lucian.

Best support with lucian
Best support with lucian

Top Best Supports for Lucian in Season 11

Even though Lucian is more of a mid-lane pick than ADC in season 11, no one can argue that he is still one of the strongest marksmen on Summoner’s Rift. His base damage is incredibly high and thanks to his simple yet effective ability kit, Lucian can carry most games if played correctly.

The build that most Lucian players run currently revolves around Galeforce and one-shotting squishy targets. So if you play Lucian in the bot lane, you need to know which are the best supports for you in season 11 of LoL!


Lucian + Braum is one of the most popular bot lane combos in League of Legends. Their synergy surpasses that of most other matchups and even rivals that of Rakan and Xayah. And one of the reasons for this lies in their passive abilities.

Braum’s passive applies a debuff on the targeted enemy which requires 3 auto-attacks or abilities to turn into stun. Lucian’s passive allows him to double-shot after each ability used which also counts as 2 separate auto-attacks. In combination, both of these champions can work together to instantly stun a target.

For example, Braum can throw his Q, and Lucian can quickly dash and use his 2 auto-attacks. This is such an advantage in 2v2 fights in the bot lane, especially early on.


Thresh and Lucian is another favorite combo for many bot lane duos. People say that Thresh is the perfect support for all marksmen champions in the game. And even if we can’t agree 100% with that, the truth is that he is one of the best supports for Lucian in season 11.

With Thresh, Lucian can play both aggressively and defensively. Thresh has a lot of tools to outplay his opponents, starting with his Q. This ability can set up Lucian’s damage and start the chain CC. Lucian requires crowd control to fully channel his ultimate, so Thresh can help a lot with both his E and R.

The lantern is another element that this duo has. Lucian can go deep into enemy territory or dive on turrets because Thresh can simply throw his lantern and secure an exit for him. On the other hand, Thresh can also go deep and pull Lucian to him whenever he has an enemy locked.

All in all, this duo has a very fun dynamic and it’s an absolute blast to play. We highly recommend roaming and invading whenever you play Lucian and Thresh since they have enough damage and CC to overpower anyone on the Rift.


Similar to the previous two choices, Nautilus is a “free win” support pick for Lucian in season 11. The power of this combo comes from Nautiilus’s incredible crowd control abilities and Lucian’s damage. And whenever they’re together, the enemy team should work twice as hard to shut them down.

Nautilus has the most kill potential in the bot lane than any other support champion. Since level 1, he is able to not only grab a champion but to provide a root effect through his auto-attack. This is extremely powerful for invading the enemy jungle or rushing a level 2 fight.

But Nautilus is also great in kiting for Lucian and peeling. In team fights, the low cooldown on his passive allows him to continually snare targets that are trying to reach Lucian. And combined with his ultimate that knocks up everyone in the lane of the selected target, we can agree that Nautilus can keep Lucian safe.

That doesn’t mean that Lucian should always play recklessly. In truth, Nautilus doesn’t have any shield or healing to help out Lucian. But if both players understand how these two champions work together, then they can be one of the most powerful pairs in League of Legends.


Nami is in a great spot right now. Her synergy with Lucian makes her a dangerous pick in the bot lane. The burst of her E with Lucian’s empowered auto are unmatched. She is also a great support with other champions thanks to her ult and Q having some CC, and her W helps sustain in lane. If you’re looking for a safe enchanter, then Nami is one of the best in Patch 11.20.

Lucian can be a difficult champion to play, and therefore it helps to have a support who complements his playstyle. Supports with strong poke abilities work best with lucian, because his ultimate benefits from having targets marked for extra damage. Additionally, supports that provide utility through shields or heals have value when lucian is being focused by the


Best Supports in oL Patch 11.20 - Yuumi

Yuumi is another champion who works well with Lucian and helps empower his auto-attacks. But that isn’t the only reason she is on our Top Supports Tier List. Oh no, she might be the most hated champion, but she is also one of the best champions to empower bruisers on her team, which means late-game Yuumi is a key asset to any team comp.

I will be talking about how his W, Ardent Blaze interacts with Sona’s E, Power Cord. I would also like to talk about Taric’s Dazzle in the context of this interaction. The information given in this article is mostly summarized or reused from research done by other people–not my own work.

However, I have played 1000+ games with Lucian–so I am confident in my information. I have also talked to some other people while attempting to do this research, so while I did not come up with everything on my own, it is all still credible.


Now, we’re moving away from enchanters and moving onto the tank-engage support champions and, of course, we can’t forget Leona when talking about those. She’s just insanely strong. Her level 2 always has to be respected and any team fight, later on, will be impacted by her ultimate. If you want to make plays as a support in Patch 11.20, then Leona is the best support for you!

Lucian is the best champion because he has two very strong abilities that synergize together. His passive procs on his Q, which deals damage and applies on-hit effects twice. So it basically provides double the benefit of any other effect you could get off of an ability.


Amumu has been a staple in the bot lane over the last few patches. Riot giving him a second bandage toss has really ramped up the sad mummy’s win rate and made him one of the best engage supports. Roam around the map and look for plays, that’s how you’ll want to play Amumu in Patch 11.20.

He fell off from the first spot due to the nerf he received in Patch 11.20. His mana cost for his Q has been changed to flat out 70 on all levels, which means you’ll have to be a bit more careful with mana consumption, especially early on. You can’t be as aggressive as you once were, so be careful!


Best Supports in LoL Patch 11.20 - Blitzcrank

There are many different opinions when it comes to what the best support is in League of Legends. There are various factors that influence this choice, like preference in playstyle or duo compatibility, but in most cases there is little to no argument against picking a ranged support with crowd control abilities (CC). Of all ranged supports available in game right now, there’s one who stands out over all others: Blitzcrank. Let’s find out why he’s so great!

Blitzcrank is comparable to Thresh and Leona due to their shared ability set which consists mainly of gap closers and hard CCs. The gap closer gap closer gap clsoer gapcloser gapcloserr gapcloserr ga- actually you get the idea.

The main reason why Blitzcrank is so superior to Thresh and Leona is his passive, which makes him one of the best teamfighters in game. His passive allows him to have up to 3 additional attacks after using an ability, making it easier for Blitzcrank  to deal damage when he has no mana available. This makes Blitzcrank even more valuable in lane, since last hitting is easier without any mana. Like most supports, if he falls behind in laning phase he can still be useful by being a cc bot in teamfights or roaming for picks around the map with his Rocket Grabs .


What is Lucian good at?

Starting with a strong early game can be quite difficult to do since nobody really wants to play support anymore. Where’s the fun in that? To maximize your chances of having a good early game you have to pick a champion that is capable of doing so.

One such example would be Lucian . He has everything you need from a strong early game champion. With his high damage output early game, one can go for many kills against the enemy bot lane . His ultimate also provides him with strong map mobility which he could use to roam around the map and help out your teammates.

On top of that, his passive allows you to dish out consistent damage throughout the entire match, even when not using your skills. It also gives you the option to go for mid game tanky items instead of having to rush defensive/damage items .

Lucian is a champion that I’ve seen quite often in the bot lane lately and it’s not hard to see why. He’s extremely strong early game which makes him a good pick for people who are looking

Is Lucian good in season 11?

As of season 11, Lucian is in a balanced state in which he can be played in the support role without being outclassed and/or countered and still allows you to win games at a decent rate.

Lucian’s Q, Piercing Light , is his core ability for this role due to its high burst damage that also provides reliable poke.

His W, Ardent Blaze , is also very important in sieging situations when the enemy’s front line are hiding behind their tank(s). It can be hard to hit, but it has a very short cooldown so you can still use it for poke most of the time.

Its E, Relentless Pursuit , can be used to either engage/disengage, but it should be noted that you can not cast Flash while this spell is active and Relentless Pursuit will end if Lucian takes damage. All in all, its an essential part of his kit because most supports lack hard peel and rely on aggressive engages with hard CC(Crowd Control)

Is Lucian top good?

Lucian can be played successfully in a lot of roles, but he is the best ADC with the top role. The reason for this comes down to his ability to take control of the lane and bully at will. This combined with his mobility makes him able to constantly keep up pressure on the other team so they cannot leave their tower unattended.


If you’re looking for the best support team in town, look no further than Lucian! With our help, your company will be able to grow and thrive. We’ll go that extra mile on every project so that you can focus on what’s most important – growing your business. So whether it’s creating a website or designing an email campaign with us, we know how to get the job done right!

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