June 25, 2022

Arniel’s Shade is one of the most useful summoning spells.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. The spell has zero casting cost (though it grants no experience points).
  2. The Shade is invulnerable, meaning it will help you for the full length of its summon.
  3. He favors lightning spells, which few enemies are resistant to.

Then, Where is Tolfdir in good intentions?

Tolfdir can be found in the Hall of the Elements, in deep rumination about the orb from Saarthal, or the Eye of Magnus. Let him know about your findings and he will begin to discuss the Eye with you.

in addition Are dwemer cogs the same as Dwarven Cogs?

Dwemer cogs are used in the Arniel’s Endeavor questline, where it is referred to as a dwarven cog.

furthermore How do I get Arniel’s shade?

Acquisition. Summon Arniel’s Shade is obtained as a reward at the end of the « Arniel’s Endeavor » quest chain.

Can you talk to Arniel’s shade?

The Dragonborn, if close enough, is given the prompt to talk to the spirit when not in combat, but he does not respond to this and no dialogue options are available.

Should I release or banish Velehk Sain?

As part of the quest, Velehk will ask to be released. You can either accept his bargain and release him, or you can simply kill him. If you release him, he will give you his treasure map which leads to a stash of magically hidden treasure. … Note that by killing him, you will be denied access to his treasure.

Is Savos Aren a vampire?

Savos Aren is a Dunmer Conjurer and the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold.

What race is Tolfdir?


Tolfdir (RefID: 0001C1A1)


Level PC×1 (range=10-50) Class
RefID 0001C1A1 BaseID

Jun 6, 2021

Can dwemer cogs be smelted?

An easy rule of thumb is that if it starts with the word « Dwemer » (dinnerware, cogs, gyros, etc.), it can’t be converted, not even Dwemer Scrap Metal . Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal can be smelted. The Small Dwemer Lever is an exception; its name doesn’t start with Dwemer, but it still can’t be smelted.

Where can I find cogs?

Cost of goods sold is reported on a company’s income statement. COGS are a part of the income statement where costs directly related to either the product or goods sold by a company, or the costs of acquiring inventory to sell to consumers.

Is Wrathman an Atronach?

Owing to the fact that it is not an Atronach or Daedra, but rather undead, the Wrathman is immune to Command Daedra.

What level are dremora Lords?


Creature (ID) NLvl Skills > 15
Dremora Lord (00016ff8) 46

Aug 1, 2021

What is the best conjuration spell in Skyrim?

Dead Thrall is the best Conjuration spell you can use in Skyrim thanks to how much customization you can do. This thrall inherits any items on it when it died, so you can gear your thrall out with the best items you can find.

What do you get for releasing Velehk Sain?

He can be killed, and his loot is that of two Scimitars, a Hammerfell Garb, Redguard Boots and a Daedra Heart, while releasing him offers the opportunity to find his buried treasure, only visible upon proximity.

What is the best quest in Skyrim?

Skyrim: 10 Best Quests In The Base Game

  • 3 The House of Horrors.
  • 4 The Affairs of Hagravens. …
  • 5 To Kill An Empire. …
  • 6 Diplomatic Immunity. …
  • 7 The Silver Hand. …
  • 8 Forgetting About Fjola. …
  • 9 A Night To Remember. …
  • 10 The Mind of Madness. …

Where is Velehk Sain’s treasure in Skyrim?

Velekh’s treasure can be found on a small island, below a large Talos statue (screens above). Also keep in mind that the treasure will be visible only after approaching it close enough.

Does Savos Aren sleep?

Savos was supposed to sleep in the Arch-Mage’s Quarters between 1am and 6am. However, his bed is located 1300 units away and Savos is only allowed to travel 500 units to find it. As a result, he wanders around all night long.

How do you become Archmage in Skyrim?

You must reach at least Level 50 in each area of magic. You don’t need to take perks in them all. Be a Master in at least one field, with a Level 90 ability. Finally, after these have been achieved, how your commitment to the College by defeating Ancarno and having the Eye of Magnus removed.

How do I get the Savo Aren’s amulet?

Savos Aren’s Amulet is received as a reward for completing the quest « Containment. »

What level is Tolfdir?

Tolfdir is a mage at the College of Winterhold.

Race Elder
Gender Male


10 – 50

Can you make Tolfdir Archmage?

This mod gives the player the option to make Tolfdir the Archmage at the end of the College of Winterhold questline.

Where is Tolfdir during hitting the books?

When not teaching in the Hall of the Elements, Tolfdir may be found sleeping or eating on the lower level of the Hall of Attainment. After completing « Under Saarthal, » Tolfdir may remain at the Eye of Magnus in Saarthal, until the next quest in the College’s main quest line, « Hitting the Books, » is completed.

What dwemer items are useful?


  • Dwemer Dish.
  • Dwemer Gyro (one of these is needed for the Dawnguard quest « A New Order »)
  • Dwemer Scrap Metal.
  • Dwemer Spoon.
  • Dwemer Fork.
  • Dwarven Knife.
  • Dwemer Lever.
  • Dwemer Gear.

Does dwemer scrap Respawn?

User Info: Groadergreen. Mzulft never respawns. You’ll have to find a different Dwemer area to make more ingots.

Can you smelt dwemer Bowl?

Other metallic items that are found in Dwarven Ruins cannot be smelted, including various other types of Dwemer scrap metal and Dwemer dishes. A rule of thumb is that if it starts with the word « Dwemer » it cannot be converted, not even Dwemer Scrap Metal; however Bent Dwemer Scrap Metal can be smelted.

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