June 24, 2022

Dark Souls 3 is a challenging game. Even the most experienced player will get stuck at some point, and this can be frustrating.

The internet has plenty of guides to help you with this challenge, but they are all scattered across different sites and forums. It’s hard to find what you’re looking for when it’s spread out all over the place.

We’ve put together everything there is to know about what is dark souls 3 multiplayer? How to summon in Dark Souls 3? All into one single page that answers every question you could ever have about multiplayer in DS3! This guide also includes strategies for co-op play as well as level ranges and other information on how multiplayer works in this game!

What is Dark Souls 3 multiplayer?

What is Dark Souls 3 multiplayer?
What is Dark Souls 3 multiplayer?

Dark Souls 3 multiplayer is a way to meet up and play with other players. It has a password system that allows you to make “covenants” those are like guilds, clans or communities. You can find people in the world to help with bosses, or invade people.

While Dark Souls 3 will be an action role-playing game like its predecessors, there are some new aspects to the game that will affect multiplayer. According to Miyazaki, “there’s definitely going to be more online functionality than Dark Souls II, even in terms of co-op or PvP interactions, it’s going to be hopefully more engaging than it was in Dark Souls II”.

At launch the game had two known covenants that allowed for online interactions. As the game supports dedicated servers it might be possible to create new ones through modding.

It was later revealed that there are no more covenants; however, matchmaking is available even if players are not in the same covenant.

Players can now vote to have either a normal version of the boss or a “mutated” version, with increased health and new abilities. Miyazaki said that the team had internal debates about removing this mechanic entirely at one point but they ultimately decided to keep it because “there were some people who felt more comfortable having that kind of standard”.

The first confirmed covenants will be The Way of Blue and the Blue Sentinels. Both of these covenants can be found in the game’s hub world, Firelink Shrine.

These covenants will offer different services within the game that generally benefit the player in some way, such as increased attack power or defense against other players. Those who join covenants are protected from unwanted invasions by members of enemy covenants. A third covenant, the Mound-makers, is shown during a trailer but no other information has been released for it.




If you want to play with someone you don’t need their password. There is a summoning system in the game where you can be summoned by other players, even when they are offline – based on Soul Memory

Before entering your World, others must use their White Soapstone (Which means they cannot summon help when already in the world). This option is limited to one player.

Black Soapstones allow for infinite usage of co-op and PVP, even when in boss fights. However, it’s still limited in the fact that only two people may play at once. Like the White Soapstones it allows one extra slot for an alternate character/bonfire if the main character dies before reviving themself (Or if someone kills them).

Dark Souls 3 multiplayer can be used with random players. Although it’s not common, it happens that you might meet up with a friend even if they are offline.

When you’re online and your friend is offline – he may be summoned into your world if the conditions are right. The player must use their White Soapstone after already using their Black one (Which means they cannot summon help when already in the world). This option is only limited to one player.

Some people like to invade other worlds, this creates co-op problems… But don’t fear; There is a system for this as well! When an invasion occurs, there is a higher chance of meeting up with friends – or maybe even rivals? If the invader kills the host, they will be returned to their world, and vice versa.


You can only summon players who are in the same area or location, but you can be summoned by anyone even if they are in different locations.

As you go through the game, always look for new summons! But be aware… If someone is already there, you cannot enter that world – so play safe!

If you want to get help with bosses of areas you haven’t beaten yet it’s best to go back after beating them or buying their related items. This will allow you to go back and not have potential problems.

The one thing Dark Souls 3 multiplayer doesn’t lack is creativity! Since people aren’t on consoles anymore; They may develop some interesting uses for this system – like summoning others into an open world (Or any world for that matter)!


Embers will restore your maximum health if you have a few of them. If you have 10, they will fully charge your Estus Flask so be sure to save them for a tough boss fight!

There are only a handful of Ember locations throughout the game, but each one is placed very well so there should always be enough to go around.

You can find an Ember in the Catacombs of Carthus, which is before the boss. You can also get one later on in that level if you go into a room on the left side (Just after sunrise bonfire) and on top of some coffins there will be an Ember.

The third Ember location is found in the High Lord Wolnir boss room. At this point of the game, I don’t want to spoil it so you’ll have to find out for yourself!

There is a fourth Ember location in Smouldering Lake which is just after Demon Ruins bonfire (In the lower levels).



If you want to join another player or your friend just press R1 and L1 at the same time (Or whatever button they assigned for it) and you will be able to see their status. If they are in a boss fight, this cannot be done (Unless you’re in the same area).

If someone invites you with the white sign soapstone you will see a small blue orb. If it’s green, then that person is your friend.

If someone invites you with the Black Sign Soapstone you won’t be able to see their status – but they can take control of your character if they kill you! They will have to use the white or black sign soapstone again to release the control of your character.

If someone invites you with an Orange Soapstone, there is no reason for them to be in that world anymore – so if they haven’t logged out yet…

Don’t go! This can also happen when there are two players summoning you (But this may not always work).


To join a covenant, you will have to go through the ‘covenants’ option found at the bonfire. There are two ways to level up a covenant:

You can use items from your inventory for this or trade with other players. The second way is by killing enemies and performing tasks given by a leader – which will give you a specific reward for reaching a certain level.

There are 12 Covenants in list below:

The Way of Blue – Protects players in their world.

Blue Sentinels – Attacks players in other worlds when they have been invaded by an adversary.

Heirs of the Sun – Increases the potency of attacks against invaders who are not in their world.

Rat King Covenant – Sounds like it will allow multiplayer but nothing is known for sure yet.

Dark Moon Brotherhood – Offers a selection of unique abilities to enhance player attributes or weapons and equipment options.

Warriors of Sunlight – Consists mainly of online dueling, allowing cooperative summons and a form of passive regeneration while invading other worlds or being summoned as a sunbro, similar to how it worked from Dark Souls II.

Gravelords – These players spread a curse across other player’s worlds which will gradually sap their health until they’re invaded by a gravelord and then killed by them. They also have the power to strengthen other gravelords’ curses.

Brotherhood of Blood – Not much is known about this covenant except that it has something to do with PvP.

Blade of the Darkmoon – Appears to be dedicated to PvP.

Watchdogs of Farron – Protects new characters from being summoned into high level areas (I assume). Also can invade new characters if they are in high risk areas like Lothric castle. It also rewards successful invasions with items, you don’t get anything for losing though sadly…

The Abyss Watchers – Focuses on PVP. When in human form, players fight other players who invade them, either to obtain a reward if they win or because that is their sole purpose. For invaders, this covenant provides buffs for faster and more powerful combat. Those who defeat players in the Abyss Watchers’ world receive a unique sword called the ‘Dark Hand.’

The Mound-Makers – Focuses on PVP. The covenant is dedicated to the collection of small statuettes that refer to other worlds, and there seems to be no penalty for the loss of such a fight.

There is also an upper echelon in this covenant called “Company of Champions” where players can engage in PVP battles as well as earning certain rewards by offering something known as ‘Vertebra Shackles’ which are received from killing players throughout the game as a random drop.


There’s another way that players can appear in your game and that you can appear in others’ game -s invasion!

If you’re in human form and you get invaded by an adversary you will notice a red eye symbol above their head. It might happen that when an invader tries to get into your world, but gets stopped by the ‘Watchdog of Farron’. This is because your world and another worlds’ levels don’t match up – so it’s impossible to invade a player with a certain level.

To defeat an invader you will need to be in human form and have the ‘Crack’ command available by interacting with the bonfire. Once you’ve cracked, help yourself with weapons and spells to defeat invaders. Some of them might drop unique items, which is a huge incentive for players.


If you meet the summoning criteria, but the conditions aren’t right for a regular invasion or you don’t want to wait longer – there is another way that you can invade other players. This is called Real Player Invasion.

After meeting special conditions, it’s possible for dedicated invaders to appear in certain worlds of other players. Of course this doesn’t happen all the time, so you’re lucky if it happens to you.


There is also NPC invasions. NPCs don’t need conditions to invade you, they might even appear in your world and attack you, but it’s pretty rare and only certain NPCs can do that. To be able to invade players as an NPC, you will need to offer items called ‘Sin’ to the Lord of Cinder known as ‘The Dreamchaser’ (he is an NPC that gives you the questline to achieve what’s called ‘The End of Fire’). These items are usually rare drops from bosses.



Dark Souls 3 has introduced a password system so you can securely play with your friends. This is great for players who want to find each other and join up, but don’t necessarily need to be connected online the whole time.

To make a new password, first go to the bonfire and interact. You will see an option called ‘Password Matching’ appear in the menu. Once you have made a match, it’s stored by the bonfire and every time you want to play together, both of you will need to interact with that specific bonfire.

As soon as one player uses the bonfire the other one gets notified about it – but only if they are close enough!

Tips and tricks for playing Dark Souls 3 multiplayer

Tips and tricks for playing Dark Souls 3 multiplayer
Tips and tricks for playing Dark Souls 3 multiplayer

Keep in mind that you can warp between bonfires even if somebody invades you. If you do get invaded, don’t panic – especially if the invader is a low level player. Your chances of winning are high! Dying will not make your ‘soft’ reset but it will return you to your world with all the progress made after the last bonfire.

If you plan to be invaded, try to warp to other worlds so invaders don’t know where you are.

If you get killed by an invader it gets recorded in your Book of the Guilty – if that happens too much it might even get your sin level high enough that no one will want to help you anymore! There are also items that can be used to get invaded more often from other players, but they’re currently not available.

FAQ about is dark souls 3 multiplayer

1. Is Dark Souls 3 co-op?

No, Dark Souls 3 multiplayer is PvP. It’s still possible to summon and get summoned by other players though.

2. Can you play Dark Souls 3 multiplayer?

Yes, Dark Souls 3 multiplayer can be played. There are also unofficial codes to play it even earlier!

3. Is Dark Souls 3 a good coop game?

This depends on what you mean by ‘coop’. Although multiplayer is PvP it’s still possible to play with your friends. If you need a coop game for PC, give Warframe a try!

4. How do I coop with a friend in Dark Souls 3?

To play coop you will need to find a password and set it up in the bonfire. This will allow to summon and get summoned by other players, but it only works within the same world!

5. Is there a difference between single player and Multiplayer in dark souls 3?

Yes, there are differences in the items you can get and also in the game mechanics. There are also exclusive covenants (factions) to play multiplayer only!

6. Tips on how to get better at the game, or beat it faster ? 

Check out this blog! You will find lots of tips and tricks to get better at the game, or beat it faster.

7. The best weapons in dark souls 3 (and what they’re good for)?

The best weapons in Dark Souls 3 are the Lip’s Stick, the Great Scythe and the Vordt’s Great Hammer. You can also try to go for a weapon build!

Dark Souls 3 is a fantastic game on its own, but it’s even better when you play with friends. The multiplayer can be difficult to get into at first, so we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for those looking for help getting started. If you’re interested in playing online or co-op mode with your friends then these are some of the basics that will make things easier from the start. We hope this helps!

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