June 25, 2022

I want to know what is the best dark souls game? But it’s hard to tell.

People have been arguing about this for years and there are a ton of arguments on both sides. It’s really tough to find an objective opinion online.

We’ve decided to settle this once and for all by writing a guide that ranks every single Dark Souls game from worst to best with detailed descriptions of why we ranked them where they were.

What is The Best Dark Souls?

What is The Best Dark Souls ?
What is The Best Dark Souls ?

FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series is one of the most iconic in the modern era of gaming., With a unique approach to storytelling, the Souls series has transformed from niche RPG to one of the biggest cult hits in recent history. In fact, it’s probably safe to say that Dark Souls is more popular now than any point after its initial release outside of Japan.

With such a strong and dedicated fan following, there are bound to be many arguments over which game was the best. A new game in the series is on the way, so now seems like a great time to look at all three games and rank them from worst to best.

This list will be taking into account all three titles (Dark Souls 1, 2 & 3) as well as any DLC for each game only weighing the main game, not the additional downloadable content (although it will be mentioned).

Every game in the series is fantastic, but one stands out as the best of them all. Without further ado, let’s kick things off at number 3.

The Worst Dark Souls Game – Dark Souls 2

The Worst Dark Souls Game - Dark Souls 2
The Worst Dark Souls Game – Dark Souls 2

To start things off, lets take a look at the worst game of the series.

Dark Souls 2 is easily the least loved Dark Souls game of all time for several reasons. The most notable reason being it’s extremely rushed development cycle.

The base game itself is fairly solid, but many of its flaws can be traced back to a lack of development time. This can be seen in its recycled boss fights, poor enemy placement and numerous bugs & glitches throughout the entire experience. Although not a bad game by any means, Dark Souls 2 is definitely the weakest entry of the series

The Second-Best Dark Souls Game – Dark Souls 3

The Second-Best Dark Souls Game - Dark Souls 3
The Second-Best Dark Souls Game – Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is definitely the best one-on-one fighting game of the entire series, with an impressive amount of weapons and armor to collect. The combat itself is still incredibly fluid and responsive despite only having a slightly higher framerate than previous games.

The bosses are very impressive in this game, featuring some massive beasts that test even the most experienced players. The world is also massive, which makes exploring it feel even more rewarding.

While Dark Souls 3 does have a few major flaws (like how the game often forces you to use specific weapons) it still manages to be one of the best games in the series.

The Best Dark Souls Game – Dark Souls

The Best Dark Souls Game - Dark Souls
The Best Dark Souls Game – Dark Souls

Dark Souls is hands down the best in this series and for good reason. The combat in this game is faster than in its successors, making it a much more challenging experience.

While many of its mechanics have been iterated on and improved by later installments, the base gameplay in Dark Souls is just non-stop fun. No other game in the series manages to blend open exploration, deliberate level design and intense combat quite like this one does.

Dark Souls is also the only game in this series where you feel completely alone. The world is massive with few (if any) enemies to fight or NPCs to interact with. This makes it easy for players to get lost in the world and creates a sense of mystery that isn’t found in subsequent entries.

Dark Souls manages to be a brilliantly designed open-world adventure game while still retaining its diehard difficulty. It’s truly a masterpiece of modern video games and one that will continue to influence other titles for years to come.

FAQ about what is the best dark souls

1. Is Dark Souls 1 or 3 better?

This is a question that is very difficult to answer since both of them are amazing games. Dark Souls 3 does have better combat, but the bosses aren’t quite as memorable or unique. On the other hand, Dark Souls has more variety in terms of weapons and abilities while also having some of the best level design in the series.

Dark Souls is the best game in the series, but it’s definitely not for everyone. If you want a game with fast-paced combat and less emphasis on open level design then Dark Souls 3 might be the better option for you.

2. Which Dark Souls is the hardest?

Dark Souls 1 is the hardest game in the series. This is because it doesn’t give you as many tools to work with, has a smaller community and is generally less forgiving than its successors. Dark Souls 3 does offer players more ways to heal themselves, but Dark Souls makes players rely on these items if they want to survive some of the harder bosses in this game.

The final section in Dark Souls 1 (area 14) is also considered one of the hardest areas in the entire series due to its unforgiving environment and copious amount of unavoidable enemy attacks.

3. Which Dark Souls area is best?

The Undead Burg is the best area in any of the Dark Souls games. It’s a wonderfully designed level that’s filled with different paths to take, plenty of items and a few secrets for players to discover.

It even includes a number of different ways to approach most encounters, allowing you to choose between being patient or going on an all-out attack. The Undead Burg is one of the few areas in any game that’s just perfect at every turn.

4. Is Dark Souls 1 or 2 better?

This is a difficult question since both games are very similar. The core combat in both of these games is fantastic, but Dark Souls 2 does have some bosses that are better designed than their counterparts in Dark Souls.

Dark Souls also has a larger community and more ways to level up your character while Dark Souls 2 has slightly faster combat and the ability to equip more stats on your character.

In our opinion, Dark Souls 1 is the better of these two games since it features a more challenging experience with some truly unique bosses and a world that’s far less forgiving than its successor.

5. Who is your favorite character from any of these games?

Solaire is the best character in any of these games. He’s a unique warrior that can provide assistance to players whenever they need it and he even has some of the best dialogue in all three games. Solaire is so great, we might even see him pop up as a guest fighter in one of the next Smash Bros titles!

The best dark souls is the one you like most. I hope this has helped! If not, please let me know and we can chat more about your preferences in games or which game that would be best for you to play first!

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