June 25, 2022

Many people struggle climbing once they get out of Iron. Competition gets tougher and players get better so it’s harder to step up every game. If you have just recently gotten promoted to Bronze, or you’ve been stuck in the so called “elo hell” read on and find out how to get out of bronze in League of Legends.

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Play 1 Role

Choosing your role is one of the most important steps you’ll take in your League of Legends career. Take some time and try out different ones in normal games until you find one that you like and find enjoyable. Afterwards, choose 2-3 champions that you like the most and stick with them. While playing the same champions can sometimes get boring, it’s no secret they’re crucial to consistent climbing. Some of the downsides of playing many different champions is their differences in kits. They also require you to be able to play multiple playstyles in order to yield them efficiently. This leads to you having to know much more information than a regular player, and prolong your process of climbing.

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Buy Wards

There’s a saying in LoL involving Bronze players, “What are wards?”. Truthfully it seems quite offensive towards Bronze players, but we can’t deny it has no truth in it. Majority of the players in Bronze are new and are still grasping all the aspects of the game and didn’t get to the wards part yet. Having a vision advantage over your opponent will provide you with valuable information. If you see an enemy jungler near your lane, you will not go into a trade with the enemy. Another example of how useful wards are is you will be able to track enemy laner if he goes for a roam and let your teammates know to be careful.

Extra tip for warding is to ward enemy camps such as birds or raptors if you can. If you see enemy doing them you can easily foresee where they will move to next and decide your next few moves.


Gold rules in League, and minions are the easiest way to gather tons of it. Do your best to consistently last hit them. Like we have mentioned earlier, there are many champions in LoL and they vary based on their kits. Their auto attacks are no different. Every champion has a unique animation. This just further proves our point of how crucial playing up to 3 champions is. Getting to know your champions inside and out will let you outfarm your opponents and gain leads quickly.

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Also, having a bad day in real life shouldn’t be an excuse for you to go off on your teammates. Such behavior can do nothing but lower your chances of victory. When it comes to ranking up, you will want to minimize your risks and maximize your chances for winning. Playing when you are in a good mood and aren’t tired is extremely important.

Play to Improve yourself

Everyone knows the sourness of a loss, and excitement of a victory. But, not every game is winnable. Instead, you should be focusing on what you are doing in game and how you can play better. Slowly getting better will separate you from other players in the game and let you have more impact on it. Thus, leading to more wins and more LP.

Get a Duo Partner

We all have such game streaks when it feels like enemy is constantly ganking us, or their duo partner is not leaving their side. Don’t forget, you can always battle fire with fire. Get yourself a duo partner and play around each other. What this means is that if you are a top laner you should be playing duo with either a mid laner, or a jungler. Best duo combination for solo queue is mid plus jungle, followed by adc and support. Having someone on your team who you can always trust takes a load from your shoulders and will let you play more freely.

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Objectives over Kills

Having many kills is super fun, but does not necessarily gain you LP. Only certain way to get LP and increase your League rank is by destroying enemy nexus. To do that you’ll need to destroy towers protecting it as well. Kills can lead to objectives (for example, if enemy doesn’t have a jungler you can easily get a baron or dragon) but shouldn’t be put over objectives. Try not to get baited into chasing a low health enemy and instead take enemy tower. Slowly but surely, you’ll be getting closer and closer to enemy nexus and an imminent victory.


Climbing in League of Legends, regardless if you are Bronze or Diamond, can be extremely stressful. Don’t lose your head over losses and stay positive. Furthermore, don’t’ hold grudges over your teammates. After all, they want to win as well. Good luck!

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