June 25, 2022

Pokemon Go is a fun little game that’s taken the world by storm. The problem is, it’s causing people to do some pretty unsafe things and getting themselves into dangerous situations. Why Pokemon Go is bad?

We’ve seen stories of people who have fallen off cliffs, crashed their cars while playing this game, walked in front of moving trains and even been robbed because they were so distracted by catching pokemon!

Why Pokemon Go Is Bad For You And Your Kids – A Parental Guide To Protecting Children From Distracted Walking.

Why Pokemon Go is bad

Why Pokemon Go is bad
Why Pokemon Go is bad

Pokémon Go is an innovative game that can be a great way to encourage you get out and walk or bike. In fact, players have reported the distance they walked in order for their eggs (Pokémon) incubators increased from 0-5 miles!

However, there are some dangers associated with distracted walking such as pedestrians tripping over one another while trying not step on anyones face because it’s right next them etcetera – which has circulated both media outlets like CNN who called this “the new vigilante trend”.

The pairing of augmented reality features could make people less safe by encouraging risky behavior due its ability lure users into thinking everything around them exists inside Get Here; if we’re too focused about catching monsters then risks might seem appetizing considering what makes.

Your Personal Information

If you’re playing Pokemon Go on your iPhone or Android device, it’s possible that Niantic (the game developers) will have access to your entire Google account because the game requires full access.

That means they could see all your email, view your search history and find out what you’re all about based on your browsing and search history. They could also potentially post as you on Google Play, your YouTube, or any other service that uses Google log-in access.

Niantic isn’t doing this maliciously; they need these permissions to work correctly. But there’s a reason why Google makes you jump through hoops to allow full access, and we think you should know.

Walking Time for Hatching Pokémon Eggs

Walking is the best way to explore an unknown area. It’s also great for your health! You’ll need at least 30 minutes of walking per day when you’re trying out new areas so don’t be shy about getting up off that couch and going outside – it could just save one step later on down the line

Walking around aimlessly looking for wild Pokémon has been a blast, but now as an adult with responsibilities its time-consuming too many walks from home can tire me quickly if Im not careful What makes them even worse.

Danger From Being a Distracted Walker While Playing Pokemon Go

With all the focus on how easy it is to lose track of your surroundings while playing Pokemon Go, it will be remissed not to remind you that don’t become a distracted walker. This means don’t play and drive — and definitely do not try and catch ’em all at the same time.

Pokemon Go has been linked to dozens of car accidents , most of which involved people who were playing the game and not paying attention to what they were doing.

The Pokémon Go app is an activity that encourages you to get out and walk around the neighborhood, capture virtual monsters with your smartphone camera near interesting places like landmark buildings.

But if you don’t watch where are feet land on screen while scrolling through social media sites or playing this game it can lead us into dangerous situations such as trips over hot surfaces from sitting down too long in one place without moving! One police department even tweeted “Traffic isn’t a joke; be careful!”

One way to keep yourself safe while playing is by following these rules. When you cross the street, make sure that your screen is down and only use sidewalks so as not be an obstruction for other pedestrians or drivers on roadways.

If it looks like there will be no cars coming in time then pull out into traffic just off sidewalk where possible–this gives more space between player/obstruction Privacy settings are also something worth considering before playing with friends who might judge them if found partying too hard!

Must Know in PokeStops and Gyms

Are you tired of being robbed while playing Pokémon Go? Now there are reports that people, including parents with children at a PokeStop or gym to battle and raid for pokemon—or have been lured in by an attacker.

The best way not get taken advantage is when doing your gameplay alone during daylight hours listen closely as well be mindful about where exactly you’re going so no one sees anything valuable on display!

Affect People Relationships

Affect People Relationships
Affect People Relationships

The Pokémon Go terms of service say, “You will not inflict emotional distress on other people,” but the real tragedy is when you do.

If someone else has a rare Pokémon and they’re trying to catch it in peace with their family or friends–don’t toss off snide remarks that can lead into verbal confrontations between all parties involved!

These games shouldn’t be played while walking through public spaces as well; doing so could end badly if another person doesn’t share your love for these cute creatures (and us gamers who enjoy taking up space). This thing makes Pokemon Go maybe become worse in people relationship.

Be Careful When Taking Photos

You should not take photos of a person or their children if they do not want it. Homes and businesses may tell you that photography is not allowed inside, so keep an eye out!

The Pokémon Go game encourages players to capture images in the real world as well as on camera phones.
While this can be flattering for those who have been missing their favorite pocket monster all day long, there are some things worth noting before snapping away:

Homeowners might feel threatened by your presence outside while photographers need permission from venues where taking pictures would otherwise run counter-productive to whatever purpose one has at hand.

For example, casing store fronts looking over windows during daylight hours then snatching up anything valuable if no security.

The Risk of Practicing Night Walking

You may feel like a ninja dressing in black as you stroll the streets hunting for Pokémon. But being invisible to traffic after dark is not always smart, especially if there’s no street lights or other reflective items around at night.

Wear light colors and make sure your clothing has lots of Reflective Data on it because these will help keep drivers from hitting you while they’re trying desperately (and mistakenly) look away from their cars’ headlights!

Cautious for the Battery and Data of Your Phone

The Pokémon Go app uses GPS and you may have the screen on for long periods. If this means that your battery will not last as much.

Maybe if you forgot to prepare in case the battery, you will suffer in bad situation, special when waliking along at night and playing Pokemon Go.

Make sure that you are always in safe! There are plenty of things in which can help with recharging. Bring along an extra power source or find somewhere safe where there’s no cell service to charge up when needed.

It’ll also prevent overuse charges thanks to data plan restrictions while roaming around outside (in any case make sure before leaving home!).

Bad Weather Conditions

Pokémon Go may lure you out of your house in all sorts of weather. Be prepared for the elements!

Learn how to walk on slippery surfaces, avoid slips and falls at every turn with proper footwear that offers traction when it matters most – whether rain or snow outside our doorsteps await us today so be sure not only pack some comfortable shoes but also prepare by learning about what clothing works best during different seasons.

The popular mobile game “PokemonGo” has been known as being addicting because players have no choice but go outside everyday while looking through their phone screen searching for Squirtles…

But if we plan ahead enough before leaving home then nothing will stand between us and adventure like wet soles; below freezing temperatures can lead too many accidents involving slipping

Pokemon Go is Bad for Your Safety

Pokemon Go is Bad for Your Safety
Pokemon Go is Bad for Your Safety

While you can play Pokemon Go for free, it’s also chock full of things that you can buy with real money — like additional Pokeballs.

Chances are, if you’re really into this game, at some point in the next month or two (or even worse: over the next few days) you’ll see something that catches your eye, and you’ll catch yourself thinking about buying it with real money.

Don’t do it. Or, at least don’t spend more than you can afford to lose (which is basically like saying: only spend the amount of money on Pokemon Go that you would be okay with losing if it suddenly disappeared tomorrow).

Just find something else to occupy your time that doesn’t require you to spend anything more than the cost of a download.

While the game has been praised for getting people off their couch and exploring their communities, it’s also responsible for lots of reports about robbers using the game’s geolocation feature to lure victims into isolated areas and rob them .


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