June 26, 2022

Will Ethereum go up? Ethereum fell below $1700 today, should investors be worried?

Will Ethereum go up? With ETH dropping below $1700 today, should Investors be worried that it could go below $1000?

Will Ethereum go up? Why is Ethereum going down?

Ethereum has fallen more than 50% this year and has underperformed Bitcoin. However, it has marginally outperformed Cardano while significantly outperforming Solana.

However, if one were to look at the data for the last 1 month, Ethereum has significantly underperformed Cardano

This coincides with a significant drop in TVL (Total Value Locked) on the Ethereum Blockchain during and after the $LUNA Crash

Cardano on the other hand has gained marginally even while operating on much lower TVL.

With the overall crypto market heading lower and many transactions operating on the Ethereum Blockchain, this was expected. Ethereum was hurt much more after the $LUNA Crash.

So Will Ethereum go up and when?

Our assessment of Bitcoin reveals that recovery may begin somewhere between August and October when US Inflation rates are likely to drop. . Ethereum too is likely to recover around that period. A full recovery may take much longer given the likely macro situation. Here are our current forecasts

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