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YouTube recommends all sorts of clips for me, and rarely do I click on them; I still live in regret after clicking on a link that led me to “Two Girls, One Cup.” (Thanks, dude who created that link. Thank you to hell.) But recently I saw the title for a video “Roll a D6.” Of course, I had to watch it because I love the art and science of dice.

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Praise be Gary Gygax that I did, but this one was a match made in algorithmic heaven.



This video, by YouTuber SirConnorAnderson, starts off with a college student painfully failing to explain why she can’t go to a party on a Friday night. Then it turns into an evening in the life of a Dungeons & Dragons game. Ah, sweet memories of pounding bottles of Coke while determining sneak attacks and which creature I could polymorph into. If there is one regret about adulthood I have, it’s the fact that I currently don’t have time for a D&D campaign. But I can remember those fabulous days, thanks to videos like this.

Lyrics include:

In the basement rollin” dice, I”m a wizard

When we play, we do it right, candles flicker

Fighting dragons in my mind, just for kicks

DM says you”re gonna die, roll a D6

It had me with “DM says you’re gonna die, roll a D6.” In my youth, I had a particularly bloodthirsty dungeon master. Rolling dice of all sizes/pain levels is as familiar to me as being pecked to death by an owlbear.

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As the song progresses, we get to see the game in their imaginations, which takes place in a forest with enemies who are fast with a sword and light on their feet. The video even has special effects — including a fire-breathing dragon.

Thanks to commenters who pointed out that the “Roll a D6” was based on “Like a G6” by Far East Movement, as I’m not cool enough to have known that myself. I then watched “Like a G6,” and I thought it was catchy and danceable…

… but obviously “Roll a D6” is a better song and video. After all, it shows a table full of nerdy folk spending the night with one of the most creative, fun, and engaging games ever created. This makes it superior by every metric I have.

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The fact that YouTube was able to recommend a terrific music video, though, gives me the uneasy feeling that I’m being tracked. Gee, it’s a good thing that targeting ads and messages aren’t used for nefarious purposes. That would be disastrous in the wrong hands.

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